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DoD Testing Three Household Goods Shipment Concepts  This story contains photos.    

FALLS CHURCH, Va. - After years of struggling to fix a "broken, unpatchable," decades-old household goods shipment system, DoD is testing three new concepts aimed at improving quality of life and incorporating corporate business practice.


DoD Implements New American Indian, Alaska Native Policy  This story contains photos.    

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - A new policy aimed at guiding DoD's interaction with American Indians and Alaska Natives was presented here Oct. 21 to tribal elders, leaders and delegates at the annual meeting of the National Congress of American Indians.


Coloradan Named 1999 DACOWITS Chair      

WASHINGTON - Assistant Chief of Police Mary J. Wamsley of Commerce City, Colo., has been named the 1999 chair of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services.


Oh, Baby, What Do We Do Now?      

WASHINGTON - You are far from home and expecting your first baby. Who do you turn to for help?


Cohen Visits Hong Kong on Third Asia Swing      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William Cohen makes his third visit of the year to Asia when he arrives in Hong Kong Nov. 1.


Hero Marine Colonel, Once Dropout, Now Eyes PhD.  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Silver Star recipient Marine Corps Col. Felipe Torres is not only a war hero, he's a hero in the Hispanic community and a role model for the youth of America.


www.huh?/Personnel System Goes Virtual      

WASHINGTON - Ever wonder:


Veterans Day Message from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff      

WASHINGTON - At the end of World War I, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Armistice Day to honor the memory of all who served in the "war to end all wars."


Touched by a Pilot      

DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia - Although they hadnt previously met, an Air Force captain here and Defense Secretary William S. Cohen share the same concern: Both agree the military must change its ways to keep quality people.


Leaders Propose Pay Hikes, Retirement Changes      

WASHINGTON - DoD will work to close the gap between civilian and military pay and make the military retirement system more attractive, Defense Secretary William Cohen and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Henry Shelton said Oct. 22 in an interview with Armed Forces Radio and Television.


Secretary, Senator Call for More Defense Dollars  This story contains photos.    

BILOXI, Miss. - Defense Secretary William Cohen and Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott joined here Oct. 19 in demanding bigger defense budgets for the year 2000 and beyond.


Wielding Diplomacy's Sword      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Military might is the sword diplomats are wielding to end the crisis in Kosovo, according to Defense Secretary William S. Cohen.


Gulf Mission Vital, Cohen Says      

PRINCE SULTAN AIR BASE, Saudi Arabia - Service members play a vital role maintaining peace and stability in the Persian Gulf, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen told a military audience here in mid-October.


Benning Girl Wins $5,000 YMCA Poster Contest      

SPRINGFIELD, Va. - Kimberlee Fowler of Fort Benning, Ga., is the elementary school-age winner of the Armed Services YMCA's 1998 poster contest for National Family Week, this year Nov. 22-29.


Quick Look at Authorization Act      

WASHINGTON - A 3.6 percent military pay raise, a TRICARE demonstration project, revamping of the military pharmacy system and changes in reserve component benefits are just a few of the programs in the 1999 Strom Thurmond National Defense Authorization Act.


DoD Looks to Prevention as Cure for Costly Care      

WASHINGTON - If you saw your child playing on a busy street, you probably would tell him it isn't safe to play there. Then, you'd take him by the hand and lead him to safety.


DoD Deals New Hand to Reserve Forces      

WASHINGTON - Changes to homeland defense, the stand-up of new reserve teams to combat weapons of mass destruction and the continuance of reserve component integration with the active force are in the cards for reservists in the next year.


New Choices Improve Health Care Access      

WASHINGTON - Two new TRICARE options give people more choices and improved access to military health care.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Prevention Is Key  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - More than 28 million Americans use computers each day and, according to officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, many risk coming down with a painful, debilitating condition, carpal tunnel syndrome.


U.S. Sailors Divert Arabian Gulf Smugglers  This story contains photos.    

ABOARD THE USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN - Seaman Jeff Hammond and Petty Officer 2nd Class Jamie Malesich may spend their duty days in the dark, but they're definitely in the know when it comes to what's happening in the Arabian Gulf.


NATO Extends Kosovo Deadline      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - NATO has extended to Oct. 27 its deadline for Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to comply with U.N. Security Council resolutions.


Y2K Problem Will Be Nuisance, Not Crisis      

WASHINGTON - Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre expects Year 2000 computer problems to be "nuisances, not crises," he said Oct. 14 at a Pentagon press meeting.


U.S. Pilots Help Russians Trace Korean War MIAs      

ARLINGTON, Va. - Five American Korean War combat pilots faced six Russians here Sept. 24 during an unprecedented meeting geared toward helping the Russians account for missing fliers.


Some Retirees Tagged for Federal Health Benefits Test      

WASHINGTON - The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program will be opened to military retirees on a test basis if President Clinton approves the fiscal 1999 National Defense Authorization Act.


Know Where You Go That Terrorists May Show      

WASHINGTON - Service members and their families enjoy the opportunity to travel, serve and reside all over the world. But along with exposure to new cultures and experiences, they also must confront the real possibility of terrorist threats against them.


No, Mr. Secretary, Everything's Not Fine      

UDAIRI RANGE, Kuwait - At first, the troops were hesitant. No one in the group dared to raise a hand.


Cohen: Readiness Takes Money      

DOHA, Qatar - When Congress held hearings on military readiness, Capt. Greg Sears was watching and he didn't like what he saw. He wasn't alone.


NATO to Ensure Serbs Keep Agreement      

WASHINGTON - NATO will deploy ground teams and reconnaissance aircraft in and over Kosovo to ensure Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic keeps promises he made Oct. 12 in negotiations with U.S. special envoy Richard Holbrooke.


NATO Sets 96-Hour Deadline, U.S. Deploys B-52s      

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - NATO voted to take military action Oct. 12 and gave Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic 96 hours to comply with a U.N. Security Council resolution on Kosovo.


Cohen Promises Better Pay, Benefits      

MANAMA, Bahrain - Pay and retirement. These are the top two issues service members raise whenever Defense Secretary William S. Cohen asks, “What questions do you have for me?”


Sizzling in the Gulf      

MANAMA, Bahrain - It’s hot; real hot. The forecast calls for a cool front in the next few days; the temperature may drop to below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


Fixing the Fiscal 2000 Defense Budget      

WASHINGTON - Modernization and readiness are two areas of concern to DoD, and the president has directed the department to "fix" those areas in the fiscal 2000 budget, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen told the Senate Armed Services Committee Oct. 6.


Hamre Says DoD Building Agile Support Organization      

WASHINGTON - The Defense Reform Initiative is not just about saving money, but "building an agile support organization for the future," said John Hamre, deputy secretary of defense, and with one exception, DoD has done well.


DoD Offers Limited Viagra Availability      

WASHINGTON - Military health care beneficiaries will have limited access to the widely publicized impotence drug Viagra through their service health care providers.


Seniors' Health Care Launches in San Antonio      

WASHINGTON - Two military medical centers in San Antonio, Texas, opened their doors for the first time Oct. 1 to military retirees over age 65 enrolled in the new TRICARE Senior Prime health plan.


NATO Air Strikes Imminent      

WASHINGTON - Nearly 260 U.S. planes will be among the 430 allied aircraft NATO may soon send into action, according to U.S. Defense Secretary William S. Cohen.


Cohen Talks Morale, Readiness      

WASHINGTON - Low pay, spare part shortages, less-than-attractive retirement and health benefits. Hello! Is anyone listening to what service members are saying about these issues?


Military Moms Speak Out on Breast Cancer      

SAN DIEGO - Publicity was the last thing Air Force Tech. Sgt. Melynn Reid and Navy Petty Officer First Class Marsha Craten were thinking of when they were diagnosed with breast cancer. Following their recovery, though, they've found themselves in the limelight of DoD's breast cancer prevention, diagnosis and education program.


U.S. Forces Monitor Troubled Border  This story contains photos.    

SKOPJE, FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA - More than a thousand multinational troops, including about 350 Americans, now man observation posts along this nation's borders with Bosnia -- where peace prevails -- and Kosovo, where violence reigns.


Successful Bosnian Elections Mean 600 Come Home      

WASHINGTON - The U.S. contingent in Bosnia will soon shrink by about 600, but it's too early to say what NATO will do now that Bosnian elections are over, U.S. Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said during his recent trip to Europe.


Cohen: Building NATO's Future      

WASHINGTON - U.S. defense officials are developing initiatives to help the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meet the challenges of the 21st century.


America and the North Atlantic Alliance      

WASHINGTON - The United States has always played a major role in NATO, a bulwark of international defense cooperation for nearly half a century.


Actions, Not Words, Cohen Warns      

WASHINGTON - Actions speak louder than words. That's Defense Secretary William S. Cohen's message to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.


Hospital Benefactor Receives Freedom Medal      

WASHINGTON - Zachary Fisher, a philanthropist who, with his wife, Elizabeth, established Fisher Houses near military hospitals, recently received the Medal of Freedom in New York.


Breast Cancer Programs Getting Better, Health Chief Says      

WASHINGTON - A breast cancer initiative launched in the early 1990s is delivering improved health care and education to the 1.3 million female beneficiaries of military health care, according to the senior defense medical officer.


Cohen Renews U.S.-Morocco Ties      

RABAT, Morocco - Morocco was the first nation to recognize the United States, in 1787, and it has been a steadfast friend and security partner, Defense Secretary William Cohen said here during a recent visit.


Civilian Employees: Some Matters That Matter      

WASHINGTON - Federal civilian employees probably will get a 3.6 percent average pay raise in January, but combined national and locality raises won't be finalized before Nov. 30, according to FEDweek, an on-line newsletter covering the federal work force.


Service Chiefs Detail Readiness Concerns      

WASHINGTON - Operations tempo, delayed replacements and recruiting and retention problems are all affecting military readiness, the service chiefs told the Senate Armed Service Committee Sept. 29.


DoD Bars Insurance Company, Charges Deception      

WASHINGTON - DoD is cracking down on insurers it believes are preying on service members.


Smith Takes Reins as DoD's First Education Chancellor      

WASHINGTON - Jerome "Jerry" F. Smith Jr. was sworn in Oct. 2 as DoD's first chancellor for education and professional development, with a mandate to provide world-class educational programs for civilian employees.


Cohen Says Serbs Must Adhere to U.N. Resolutions      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said he doesn't think NATO will be satisfied if Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic stops aggression against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo but doesn't meet other conditions of U.N. resolutions.


Threat Reduction Agency Stands Up      

DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Va. - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen presided here Oct. 1 over the establishment of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.


Agency Unifies DoD Threat Reduction Effort      

WASHINGTON - Calling it an important step in combating the spread of weapons of mass destruction, Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre opened the doors Oct. 1 to a new agency specifically structured to meet the growing threat.


Shelton Warns Congress of Readiness Problems      

WASHINGTON - The members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Congress Sept. 29 the U.S. military could return to the "hollow force" of the 1970s unless readiness and modernization concerns are addressed.

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