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Zinni: U.S. Prepared for Action Against Iraq      

WASHINGTON - If the situation in Iraq warrants military action, it will not be a pinprick, Central Command Commander Marine Corps Gen. Anthony Zinni said Nov. 26.


U.S. Forces to Stay in Gulf      

WASHINGTON - It's not quite business as usual, but U-2 reconnaissance flights are continuing over Iraq and U.N. inspectors there are back to work after a nearly month-long standoff with Saddam Hussein's government.


DoD Helps Create Nuclear-Free Nations      

WASHINGTON - The world was left with a deadly legacy at the end of the Cold War -- many former Soviet states held arsenals filled with chemical and biological weapons, nuclear warheads, intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear bombers and submarines.


Saddam's One Reason DoD Boosts Counterproliferation Push  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Iraq's Saddam Hussein lost in his recent tiff over U.N. weapons inspections, and he'll keep losing until he complies fully with U.N. provisions, Defense Secretary William Cohen said Nov. 25.


U.S., Kazakhstan Increase Military Ties      

WASHINGTON - U.S. service members will help Kazakhstan's military in the year ahead to be all it can be.


Exercise Peaceshield '97      

WASHINGTON - The California National Guard hosted Ukrainian military service members Nov. 14-23 in Exercise Peaceshield '97, the first ever conducted by a National Guard state headquarters.


1997 Recruiting Objectives Exceeded      

WASHINGTON - Despite tough goals, military recruiters came through, announced Fred Pang, assistant defense secretary for force management policy.


DoD Looks at Reserve Health Care With Eye on Readiness      

WASHINGTON - More frequent physical and dental exams and annual health certification are measures DoD could soon adopt to help keep members of the reserve components fit and ready for duty. The measures are among the objectives a reserve health care summit will debate during three sessions over the next several months.


Clinton Signs Authorization Act, Pay Raise Approved      

WASHINGTON - Service members will get a 2.8 percent pay raise beginning Jan. 1 as part of the fiscal 1998 Defense Authorization Act President Clinton signed Nov. 18.


Thanksgiving Day Message From the Secretary of Defense      

WASHINGTON - When we look around the world, we see how much America has to be thankful for.


Indian Warriors Hold Sacred Pipe Ceremony  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Dick Baker holds eagle feathers and a sacred pipe following a Nov. 10 ceremony honoring Indians who have fought in America's wars in Arlington (Va.) National Cemetery.


Council Discusses Defense Reform Initiative  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Deputy Defense Secretary John J. Hamre (second from left) opens the first meeting of his newly formed Defense Management Council, which will direct DoD's Defense Reform Initiative effort.


Cohen Appoints New DACOWITS Chair      

WASHINGTON - Elizabeth Bilby of Arizona will become chair of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services on Jan. 1.


Clinton Pledges Continued Care for Gulf War Vets      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton pledged a "new benefits system" to aid the recovery of veterans suffering as yet unexplained Gulf War illnesses.


$12 Million Awarded for Gulf War Illness Research      

WASHINGTON - DoD, in conjunction with the departments of Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services, has awarded $12 million for 12 new Gulf War illness research projects.


President Thanks Military Families      

WASHINGTON - President Bill Clinton thanked military families for the sacrifices they make on behalf of the nation and for their successes in meeting the challenges of military life.


DoD Reports Latest Findings on Gulf War Illnesses      

WASHINGTON - Pentagon officials said American service members likely weren't exposed to chemical weapons or agents when they occupied Tallil Air Base, Iraq, in 1991.


DoD Tests Medical Record Chip      

WASHINGTON - Service members may soon carry their medical records in dog-tag-like computer chips if DoD field testing goes well.


DoD Applies Medical Lessons Learned      

WASHINGTON - Service members will undergo a comprehensive health screening to determine their medical condition before they deploy, DoD officials said.


Cuts Not Easy, But Necessary, Hamre Tells Defense Managers      

WASHINGTON - Newly mandated cuts won't be easy but are necessary to "eliminate the fat and save the muscle," Deputy Secretary of Defense John Hamre told Pentagon senior managers Nov. 13.


President Honors American Veterans      

ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, Va. - It was both a tribute and a warning. It was both a declaration of national pride and a call for international commitment. And it was a promise for a better tomorrow.


Military Hospitals Get Quality Check      

WASHINGTON - There's no law that says DoD hospitals have to be reviewed and accredited by outside organizations. But defense health officials won't have it any other way.


Health Official Answers Concerns Raised by Articles      

WASHINGTON - Retired Air Force Technical Sgt. Bill Romedy has gone to the Malcolm Grow Medical Center, Andrews Air Force Base, Md., for health care since he transferred to the region 37 years ago.


Retiree Dental Plan Contract Awarded      

WASHINGTON - Low-cost dental insurance that becomes available to military retirees Feb. 1, 1998, will offer enrollees an annual dental care entitlement of $1,000.


Desert Competition Recalls Infamous 'Death' March      

WASHINGTON - In the spring of 1942, tens of thousands of American and Filipino soldiers marched for days through sweltering Philippine jungles -- goaded harshly by their Japanese captors. Those who survived faced years of hardship in prisoner-of-war camps. Others were wounded or killed when unmarked enemy ships transporting prisoners to Japan were attacked by U.S. air and naval forces.


Tensions Rise Between U.N. and Iraq      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton called for strong U.N. actions to force Iraq to allow Americans on U.N. weapon inspection teams.


Credit Cards, Computers Cut Red Tape      

WASHINGTON - Just say "no" to miles of files, countless copies, acres of forms, rules and regulations. Paper be gone, says John Hamre, DoD's new deputy defense secretary and former comptroller.


DoD Headquarters Cuts Planned      

WASHINGTON - DoD will soon be leaner and more agile as defense leaders downsize and reorganize the department's highest echelons, open more jobs to private competition and eliminate excess infrastructure.


DoD Reform Promises Easier Travel, Better Moves      

WASHINGTON - Service members can expect to see easier travel rules and a better system for moving household goods as DoD revamps the way it does business, Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre said at the Pentagon Nov. 8.


U.S. Buys Moldovan MiG-29 Fighters      

WASHINGTON - The United States recently bought 21 nuclear-capable MiG-29 fighter jets from the Republic of Moldova to keep them out of the hands of potential enemies, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen announced Nov. 4.


Russia Outlaws Chemical Weapons      

WASHINGTON - Six months after the United States outlawed chemical weapons, Russia is following suit.


Gore Lauds DoD Reforms  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Vice President Al Gore praised the Defense Department Nov. 10 for its plan to become "leaner, more competitive and more efficient in its business practices."


Five Companies Get Employer Support Awards      

WASHINGTON - Five companies received the Employer Support Freedom Award Nov. 5 for outstanding service as employers of reserve component personnel.


Commands Receive Drug Awareness Awards      

WASHINGTON - Five military commands received recognition for actions in helping combat drugs.


Holiday Mail Deadlines Set      

WASHINGTON - U.S. Postal Service officials have set holiday mailing deadlines to help ensure timely delivery of packages around the world. Nov. 10 is the deadline for surface mail to the Caribbean and Europe, and Nov. 24 to Canada. Other surface mail deadlines to some countries have already passed, officials noted.


Remains of Korean War Soldier Returns Home      

WASHINGTON - Remains of another missing Korean War-era U.S. soldier were returned recently to the United States from North Korea.


Remains Returned from Southeast Asia      

WASHINGTON - The remains of five American servicemen previously unaccounted for from Southeast Asia have been identified and are being returned to their families for burial in the United States.


Veterans Day Message from the Chairman      

WASHINGTON - Since the end of World War I, America has set aside this day to celebrate the men and women who served so proudly in the defense of the United States. Throughout our history, veterans have played a key role in the growth of the nation. They explored the wilderness, helped build the canals and railroads that knit the country together, and guarded the frontier. And on a thousand battlefields, on land, at sea and in the air, they fought the great battles that decided our fate as a people and a country.

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