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Do You Know #4      

Washington - Which Great Lake is wholly within the United States?


Worth Repeating #4      

WASHINGTON, DC - "Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need." --Kahlil Gibran


DoD, CIA Propose New Mapping and Imagery Agency      

WASHINGTON - The Defense Department and the Central Intelligence Agency sent a letter to congressional leaders asking to establish a National Imagery and Mapping Agency. The target date for standup of the new agency is Oct. 1, 1996.


DACOWITS Selects 1996 Executive Committee Members      

WASHINGTON - The incoming chair of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services announced selections to the 1996 DACOWITS executive committee. They assume their duties Jan. 1.


1995 Recruiting Efforts Produce Quality Force      

WASHINGTON - DoD's chief of force management policy said the armed services met the fiscal 1995 recruiting goals while recruiting the quality people necessary to maintain a strong and ready force.


Joint Space Management Board Established      

WASHINGTON - The defense and intelligence communities have established the Joint Space Management Board. Defense Secretary William Perry and Central Intelligence Agency Director John M. Deutch signed the agreement Dec. 15.


Clinton Nominates Air Force's Ralston for Vice Chairman      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton has nominated Air Force Gen. Joseph W. Ralston to become vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He will succeed Adm. William A. Owens, who announced his retirement earlier this year.


Chiefs Selected for Special Operations, Strategic Commands      

WASHINGTON - The commander of the Army's 18th Airborne Corps and the Air Force deputy chief of staff for personnel will head joint commands.


Families Returning to 'Gitmo'; School Starts Jan. 29      

WASHINGTON - A plane loaded with 97 adults and 61 children landed at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in early December marking the return of families with schoolage children to the base.


Safety, Not Speed, More Important to U.S. Effort      

WASHINGTON - Safety, not speed, is the most important factor for getting American combat troops into their sector in Bosnia, said defense officials.


Clinton Pleased With Progress, Says Mission Crucial      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton said he is pleased with the progress of the U.S. deployment to Bosnia and is encouraged by the spirit of cooperation from the Serbs, Croats and Bosnians.


Perry Highlights Year's Top 10 World Changes      

WASHINGTON - I never imagined I would cut off the ear of a [roast] pig in Kazahkstan, hear an Uzbeki colonel sing like Frank Sinatra or eat rendered Manchurian toad fat in China, said William J. Perry.


Citizens Take to the Internet to Support Bosnia-bound Troops      

WASHINGTON - Americans have taken flight on the Internet's World Wide Web site DoD calls BosniaLINK. The cyberspace outpouring produced more than 5,000 holiday messages to American forces supporting the NATO mission in Bosnia.


Citizens Worldwide E-Mail Greetings to Troops in Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - "Thank you so much for helping to build peace. There is no greater reason to use your great military expertise than to save peoples lives and give them a future that we in the U.S. take for granted. Take care and have the best holiday and New Year possible."


Main Body Deployed for NATO Operation Joint Endeavor      

WASHINGTON - Enabling forces are in place; the main forces are ready. Therefore," said U.S. Army Gen. George Joulwan, "let's go."


Reservists, Guardsmen Report for Active Duty      

WASHINGTON - The first increment of nearly 2,000 soldiers from 41 Army National Guard and Reserve units began reporting for training for the Bosnia peacekeeping mission on Dec. 18.


DoD Emphasizes Policy on Supremacist Groups      

WASHINGTON - In the wake of two recent murders in Fayetteville, N.C., defense officials are again emphasizing DoD's policy concerning military personnel participation in supremacist organizations.


Bosnia Peace Agreement Signed in Paris, Go-Day Nears      

WASHINGTON - Bosnia is turning from the horror of war to the promise of peace, President Clinton said at the Paris signing of the peace agreement Dec. 14 .


NATO and Non-NATO Nations Form Peace Coalition      

WASHINGTON - NATO and non-NATO nations are contributing forces to Operation Joint Endeavor, NATO's peace implementation force for Bosnia.


Stateside Units Participating in Operation Joint Endeavor      

WASHINGTON - While the majority of the 20,000 U.S. troops participating in Operation Joint Endeavor are from units in Europe, service members from the following stateside units were also identified for possible deployment to Bosnia:


Media Outnumber U.S. Troops In Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - Dan Rather is anchoring CBS nightly news from Tuzla. Jack McWethey, ABC's Pentagon correspondent, is in Tuzla with his TV crew. NBC's Tom Brokaw is slated to arrive on the weekend. The world's press is "reporting live" from Bosnia.


Dorn Says DoD Is Addressing Needs Deploying Personnel      

WASHINGTON - The military is doing everything it can to prepare its personnel for deployment to BosniaHerzegovina, DoD's chief of personnel and readiness said at a Pentagon press briefing.


Preventive Medicine Will Key Health Care Concerns in Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - Top DoD officials stressed the importance of preventive medicine in maintaining the health of personnel deployed to BosniaHerzegovina in a Pentagon press conference.


U.S. Expanding Military Exchanges With China      

WASHINGTON - U.S. service members can expect to see more of China's military in the year ahead, according to Joseph S. Nye, Jr.


Clinton Signs DoD Funding Bill; Stops Furlough Threat      

WASHINGTON - Failure of the Clinton administration and congressional leaders to forge a balanced budget agreement by Dec. 15 could cause another government shutdown, but it won't affect Defense Department employees.


Primaries Start Process for 1996 Election Campaign      

WASHINGTON - Although Nov. 5, 1996, marks Election Day nationally, Americans in all states, territories and the District of Columbia will vote in primary elections beginning in February.


King Holiday Commission Going Out of Business; King Center Taking Over      

WASHINGTON - After heroes of the old West saved a town from evildoers, they rode off into the sunset and left townspeople to pick up the pieces. That's what the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday Commission will do in September 1996.


Reservists on the Move in Europe and Stateside      

WASHINGTON - Eleven Army Reserve units in Germany and Italy began mobilizing today in support of NATO's peace operation in Bosnia Joint Endeavor.


Army Mobilizes More Reserve, Guard Units for Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - The Army has issued mobilization orders to 17 more Reserve and National Guard units in support of Joint Endeavor, NATO's peace implementation operation in Bosnia.


Chairman Says Service Members Aware of Need for Bosnia Force      

WASHINGTON - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said U.S. service members are well aware of the stakes at risk in Bosnia and are prepared for the duty.


President Clinton Authorizes Reserve Call-up      

WASHINGTON - Twentythree Army Reserve units have received mobilization orders for operation Joint Endeavor, DoD officials announced today.


Stateside Units Named For Possible Deployment To Bosnia      

WASHINGTON, DC - Twenty-two active duty U.S. Army and five Air Force units have been named for possible deployment in support of NATO's peace implementation force in Bosnia, according to DoD officials.


Perry Approves New Standard for Single Soldier Housing      

WASHINGTON - Responding to requests for more living space and privacy, DoD will soon begin replacing barracks rooms with mini apartments, according to Pentagon officials.

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