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U.S. Forces Again Strike Iraqi Missile Site      

WASHINGTON - For the second time in three days, coalition air forces came under Iraqi attack Dec. 30, and returned fire against a missile site.


Celebrities Salute Desert Fox Troops  This story contains photos.    

CAMP DOHA, Kuwait - They spent nearly 30 hours in the air and went more than 13,000 miles in three days just to say 'thanks' to the military men and women of Operation Desert Fox.


U.S. Jets Fire on Iraqi Missile Site      

WASHINGTON - U.S. fighter jets patrolling the no-fly zone over northern Iraq fired on an Iraqi missile site after it launched surface-to-air missiles at them Dec. 28.


Financial Management Takes Dollars and Sense      

WASHINGTON - When you've spent your paycheck, is there still a stack of bills waiting to be paid? When the phone rings, is the caller more likely to be a creditor than a friend? Is a savings account something you're still planning to open instead of something you put money into each payday?


Airlines Agree on Refunds for Desert Fox Participants      

WASHINGTON - Service members who had holiday plans canceled because of their participation in Operation Desert Fox can expect a raincheck for tickets they purchased from commercial airlines.


Senior NCOs Praise Pay, Retirement Proposal      

CAMP DOHA, Kuwait - Senior NCOs praised the pay and retirement proposal announced Dec. 21 at the Pentagon.


Troops Applaud Pay, Benefits Proposal      

CAMP DOHA, Kuwait - Pay raise? Fifty percent retirement? Service members here say a resounding: Yes! Its a great move. Its a morale boost. Its the right thing to do. They hope Congress approves it.


Gulf Force Draws Down  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Military leaders are drawing down the Persian Gulf force to pre-Operation Desert Fox levels, according to Pentagon officials.


'We Hear You,' Cohen Tells Troops  This story contains photos.    

CAMP DOHA, Kuwait - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen brought gifts. He brought congressmen, entertainers and media. But what really caused troops in the Persian Gulf to whoop, whistle and holler was the promise of more pay.


DoD Unveils Guard, Reserve Spot      

WASHINGTON - DoD unveiled the 1999 public service announcement that urges employers to support their employees who are reservists. Officials premiered the spot during a Pentagon ceremony, Dec. 16.


DoD Proposes Largest Military Pay Hike in Generation      

WASHINGTON - An across the board pay raise, a targeted pay raise and a return to a retirement plan that pays 50 percent of base pay at 20 years are the three key elements of a compensation plan for service members.


Clinton Says 'Mission Accomplished'      

WASHINGTON - Service members in the Persian Gulf did "a difficult job with skill, dedication and determination," President Clinton said at the White House Dec. 19, the last day of Operation Desert Fox.


Presidential Holiday Message to the Armed Forces      

WASHINGTON - During this holiday season, the thoughts of all Americans turn to you, our men and women in uniform. We remember with special pride and gratitude the thousands of you serving our country far from your own homes and families. Deployed across America and around the world, serving in the skies and on every continent and sea, you strive with courage, skill, and commitment to bring to humankind the greatest gift of all: peace on Earth.


Four Nights; 100 Targets      

WASHINGTON - During the course of four nights, American and British bombs and missiles struck 100 Iraqi military targets. Defense leaders praised U.S. service members for the success of Operation Desert Fox.


Once Should be Enough, Says Desert Fox Commander      

WASHINGTON - If he’s smart, Saddam Hussein won’t want a repeat of Operation Desert Fox, Marine Corps Gen. Anthony C. Zinni said here Dec. 21


Eagle Force Soldiers, Marines Brighten Orphans' Days  This story contains photos.    

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador - The baby was no more than two months old and she was cradled on the hip of a nine-year-old girl. Both are orphans. The baby clearly needed medical attention -- nearly 80 percent of her body was covered with sores and rashes. Her plight is heart-rending, but she is luckier than some people on the other side of a 10-foot-high gate.


Desert Fox Target Toll Climbs Past 75 Iraqi Sites      

WASHINGTON - U.S. and British air and naval forces have attacked more than 75 Iraqi military targets after two nights of bombing in Operation Desert Fox, Pentagon leaders said here.


Desert Fox Air Strikes Continue; 50 Sites Hit First Night      

WASHINGTON - U.S. and British air and naval forces attacked 50 separate Iraqi military targets Dec. 16 in the opening volley of Operation Desert Fox, Pentagon leaders said here.


Cohen, Shelton Praise Desert Fox Warriors      

WASHINGTON - America's military men and women deserve high praise for executing Operation Desert Fox, the Pentagon's senior leaders said Dec. 17.


U.S. Strikes Aimed at Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton ordered a "strong and sustained" air attack on Iraq Dec. 16 in response to continued Iraqi attempts to build weapons of mass destruction.


Saddam Abused His Last Chance, Clinton Says      

WASHINGTON - A month ago, the United States called off its war planes to give Saddam Hussein one last chance to cooperate. When he failed to do so, the United States took action.


Kids' Doc Helps Redeem the Future  This story contains photos.    

SOTO CANO AIR BASE, Honduras - U.S. troops here were among the first to aid storm victims when Hurricane Mitch hit in November. Now that the initial emergency is under control, they've shifted their attention to the future of Central America.


Bogey on the Scope or Santa Going South?      

WASHINGTON - If you are like most parents, you will soon tire of answering the question, "When's Santa coming?"


Terrorist Attack Warning Hikes Gulf Threat Level      

WASHINGTON - The threat of a terrorist attack against U.S. targets in the Persian Gulf in the next 30 days has put American service members in the region on Threat Condition Charlie -- the second highest threat level.


Army-developed Bandage Stops Bleeding      

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - If the fibrin bandage had been around during the Vietnam War, said Army Dr. (Lt. Col.) John Holcomb, there'd be 6,000 fewer names on the memorial wall in Washington.


Open Season Highlights New Insurance Options      

WASHINGTON - An open season for starting, stopping or changing life insurance tops recent changes to the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance program.


DoD Releases Blue Angels Show Schedule      

WASHINGTON - The Navy Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron will perform in more than 65 events in 22 states and Canada as the team enters its 53rd season in 1999.


DACOWITS Wants Army Missile, Flight Berths Open to Women      

WASHINGTON - The secretary's Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services strongly disagreed with the Army's refusal to open two of its career fields to women.


New System Speeds Commissary Credit Card Transactions      

FORT LEE, Va. - Buying groceries with a credit card at the commissary is becoming just as quick and reliable as at commercial stores.


Seniors Access Health Care Through TRICARE Demo      

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - A test here to see if military hospitals can deliver cost-effective health care to thousands of retirees over age 65 has netted some 10,000 participants.


1999 Active Duty, Reserve Pay Tables      

WASHINGTON - Go to to see what service members will receive in basic pay after the 3.6 percent military pay raise takes effect Jan. 1, 1999. These rates are unofficial until President Clinton signs an executive order.


Tuskegee Airmen's Leader Gets Fourth Star  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON, Dec. 14, 1998 - Retired Lt. Gen. Benjamin O. Davis Jr., the Air Force's first black general officer, received his fourth star Dec. 9 from President Clinton at a promotion ceremony here.


New Policy Reshapes DoD Web Presence      

WASHINGTON - A new DoD policy encourages use of the World Wide Web as a powerful communications tool. But at the same time, the policy calls for tighter security controls and a stronger focus on matching web sites to the organization's mission.


Display Portrays Gen. Shali -- Chairman, "Soldier First"  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Retired Army Gen. John M. Shalikashvili was portrayed at the Pentagon Monday as a brilliant, straightforward and unpretentious man who has always been more proud of the olive drab uniform he wore than the shiny stars that were pinned on him.


Hondurans Laud Seabees for Road-Clearing Feat  This story contains photos.    

LA GUACAMAYA, Honduras - Residents here have begun to rebuild in the past few weeks, and Seabees of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 7 recently helped celebrate a milestone in this rural village's return to normal.


Tripled Air Traffic Doesn't Faze Fix-it Crews  This story contains photos.    

SOTO CANO AIR BASE, Honduras - The maintenance section of Company D, 228th Aviation Regiment, knows its helicopters, and because of Hurricane Mitch last month has been servicing any rotorcraft that touches down, from UH-60 Black Hawks to CH-47 Chinooks.


ER: Prepping Cool Heads for Hot Zones      

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - It's 11 p.m. Friday, Nov. 20, and the emergency department at the Wilford Hall Medical Center is eerily quiet. It's as if the staff physicians, nurses, medical technicians and residents are collectively holding their breath, waiting, wondering.


Honduran First Lady Visits, Thanks Seabees      

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras - The first lady of Honduras, Mary Flake de Flores, visited Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 7 here to view the Seabees' camp and to thank them for their humanitarian support since Hurricane Mitch roared through in November.


You're In at 18 And Out Before 26 -- Guess What?      

WASHINGTON - Men on active duty or attending a service academy may not realize it, but they have to register for the draft if they leave active duty before turning age 26, according to Selective Service officials.


Official Terms Defense Reform Progress "Remarkable"      

WASHINGTON - DoD will use the experience of the past year to improve efficiencies and savings generated through the Defense Reform Initiative.


Big City ER Medicine Preps Military Docs for Combat  This story contains photos.    

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Military medics in Vietnam called it the "golden hour" -- that precious 60-minute countdown when they scrambled to stabilize wounded soldiers -- to save their lives and limbs. Sometimes at field hospitals, the golden hour extended to 12, 18 or 24 hours, the emergency medical teams working without break or sleep to treat hundreds of wounded soldiers.


Holiday Message from the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff      

WASHINGTON - This holiday season, as in years past, American families will come together to celebrate their faith, welcome the New Year, and treasure the simple joys of life. Many of the blessings we enjoy -- a nation at peace, a prosperous standard of living and the promise of a safe and secure future -- are a legacy of the sacrifice, dedication and commitment of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen and DOD civilians. Throughout this season, as they do throughout the entire year, our forces will remain on duty, supporting operations and guarding freedom's frontiers around the globe.


Breast Health CD, Web Site Attack Fear, Ignorance  This story contains photos.    

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Susan Ford-Boles, national spokesperson for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, narrates an 11-minute video introduction. A glossary guides you through a 250-page text. A "decision tree" helps women assess their own cancer risks. "Do you want to know more?" is the most frequently asked question.


DoD Honors Senator-Astronaut Glenn      

FORT MYER, Va. - The Department of Defense honored an American hero Dec. 4 when Sen. John H. Glenn Jr. received the Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service.


Soldiers Open Capital Water Spigot      

SOTO CANO AIR BASE, Honduras - Soldiers from Joint Task Force-Bravo's Headquarters and Support Company here are setting up water purification operations at Hospital San Felipe in the capital city, Tegucigalpa.


SFOR Detains Genocide Suspect      

WASHINGTON - NATO-led stabilization forces detained Bosnian Serb Gen. Radislav Krstic Dec. 2 in northeastern Bosnia.


Holiday Message from the Secretary of Defense      

WASHINGTON - As we enter this joyous season and approach the end of 1998, it is fitting that we pause to reflect on our accomplishments.


Don't Lose What You've Earned -- Donate It      

WASHINGTON - Federal employees facing the loss of their excess annual leave Jan. 2 can donate it instead and make someone's holiday a little brighter.


"Bloody Boot" Ministry Prepares Chaplains for Combat      

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Chaplains get a lot of their training in seminaries and through courses offered by their services. But how do they learn to minister to severely wounded and injured service members and the medics who care for them?


Central America Sends Its Thanks      

CARTAGENA, Colombia - Central American defense leaders recently thanked U.S. troops for the help they've provided in their nations' time of need.


Preparation Is Key to Disaster Response      

CARTAGENA, Colombia - The armed forces have the skills, tools and know-how to get life back on track in a hurry following a natural disaster or terrorist attack, according to Defense Secretary William S. Cohen.


Reserve, Guard Get Extra Commissary Shopping      

FORT LEE, Va. - National Guardsmen and reservists who think they've used their limited commissary benefit this year, or who are nursing it for monster holiday shopping, got a gift from Congress recently.


DoD Report Examines China's Military Goals      

WASHINGTON - The military will play an important role in the People's Republic of China reaching its goals of being a great world power and the pre-eminent one in Asia.


Marine's Quick Action Saves Two, Earns Medal  This story contains photos.    

SOTO CANO AIR BASE, Honduras - Marine Cpl. Francisco Lazcano's training and swift action left him with much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.


DoD Announces Uniform Tuition Assistance Policy      

WASHINGTON - The cost of continuing your education just got cheaper.


Cohen Renews Central, South American Ties      

CARTAGENA, Colombia - The disaster relief effort currently under way in Central America is just one example of growing military cooperation between the United States and other Western Hemisphere democracies.


U.S. Task Force Leads Honduran Relief From Day 1  This story contains photos.    

SOTO CANO AIR BASE, Honduras - The rebuilding of anything


Help Your Kids Stay Alert, Stay Safe  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - It's what every parent fears most -- suddenly discovering their child is missing or has been abducted. And statistics still show that parents face this frightening reality more so every day.


Military Health: Is a Chiropractor in Your Future?      

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Are chiropractors in DoD's future? Well, technically, they're here now.

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