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Oberammergau: Land of History, Promise  This story contains photos.    

OBERAMMERGAU, Germany - This Bavarian village is a place where time has stood still.


U.S. Forces on Hold in Gulf      

WASHINGTON - U.N. weapons inspectors may soon be returning to Iraq, but that doesn't mean U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf should begin packing their bags.


'Telemental Health' of Growing Interest to DoD Medics      

BETHESDA, Md. - Although telemedicine has been highly touted as a revolutionary means of extending the reach of health care providers, only a handful of specialties routinely use the technology for patient treatment.


Do You Know      

WASHINGTON - What season begins with the vernal equinox?


Worth Repeating: Women's History Month      

WASHINGTON - "Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace." Amelia Earhart


Three Indicted for War Crimes Surrender      

BRUSSELS - Three alleged Bosnian Serb war criminals indicted by the International Crimes Tribunal for Yugoslavia have surrendered to NATO stabilization forces in Bosnia.


NATO Extends Bosnia Force Indefinitely      

BRUSSELS - NATO has extended the stabilization force mission in Bosnia indefinitely, alliance officials announced here Feb. 20.


Reducing Combat Stress Just a Video Call Away      

BETHESDA, Md. - Last Christmas, 20 sailors aboard the USS Enterprise saw their newborn babies for the first time. The loneliness of serving in the Persian Gulf, at least 3,000 miles from home, was instantly relieved by the surprise family reunions.


Technology Brings Specialists to Distant Ships at Sea      

BETHESDA, Md. - Dr. (Cmdr.) Nancy Bakalar studied her patient carefully, seeing him from her perspective as a Navy psychiatrist. She watched how he held his body, saw the military creases in his uniform shirt, the shine on his shoes.


Unexpected Tragedies: Tell Loved Ones Your Wishes      

WASHINGTON - You never know, when it's your time to go. A sudden death can send a normal family spinning out of control. You should tell your family what your wishes are, if the unexpected occurs.


NATO School Teaches Communication, Cooperation (Rerelease)  This story contains photos.    

OBERAMMERGAU, Germany - Learning one nation's military acronyms is hard. Imagine being assigned to NATO or SHAPE, where military personnel from 16 allied nations, plus 28 Partnership for Peace countries now work.


Demonstration Set for TRICARE Senior Health Plans      

WASHINGTON - Enrollment should begin this summer for DoD's trial run at delivering health care to beneficiaries over the age of 65.


Service Medical Leaders Share Common Voice on TRICARE      

WASHINGTON - They wear the uniforms of their respective service branches. But the nation's three military surgeons general share a common vision for TRICARE.


Thunderbird's First Black Pilot Becomes Four-Star General  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - When he was a teen-ager, Air Force Gen. Lloyd W. "Fig" Newton's father asked him and his brothers, "What's the most important four-letter word in the English language?"


Reason Is Navy's First Black Four-Star Admiral  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - It took the Navy 135 years from the date the Union Navy began enlisting African Americans in 1861 to promote a black man to four-star admiral.


African-American Ascends from Private to Four-Star General  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - When 17-year-old Johnnie E. Wilson enlisted in the Army in 1961, he had not the slightest inkling he'd still be wearing Army green 37 years later. He was just trying to earn money and GI Bill help for college.


AFRC Europe Targets Young Troops  This story contains photos.    

GARMISCH, Germany - Venture out into the vast unknown? Leave base where everyone speaks English? Stray from the safety of the barracks, the comfort of Burger King?


Creative Madness Lives on in Bavaria  This story contains photos.    

OBERAMMERGAU, Germany - They said he was mad, but since his death more than 110 years ago, 1.5 million people have come to southern Germany to see the fruits of Bavarian King Ludwig II's madness.


AFRC Europe: Where Every Day Is a Holiday  This story contains photos.    

GARMISCH, Germany - Imagine working at a place where every day is a holiday. That's the way it is for Marc J. Jannsen, operations manager at Armed Forces Recreation Center Europe.


AFRC Europe: Home Away from Home  This story contains photos.    

GARMISCH, Germany - Snowy peaks, crisp, mountain air, the aroma of wood smoke, people in lederhosen and Alpine caps. Who can resist the lure of Bavaria?


National Security Team Takes Case to Public      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William Cohen assured the American public Feb. 18 service members "are prepared to do whatever is necessary in order to contain the [Iraqi] threat."


Media Life: Camaraderie, Competition  This story contains photos.    

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - They schlep their gear -- tripods, lights and videocams; cameras and lenses, film and flash; notebooks, tapes, recorders and, their ubiquitous laptops.


AT&T Cuts Rates For Troops in Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - DoD and AT&T made Valentine's Day even sweeter for troops calling the United States by cutting rates up to 50 percent beginning Feb. 14, according to Pentagon officials.


Clinton States U.S. Objectives, Goals in Iraq      

WASHINGTON - U.S. forces will act unless Iraq's Saddam Hussein allows U.N. inspectors free and unfettered access to suspected weapons sites, President Clinton said during a Pentagon speech Feb. 17.


Hussein Beware: Zinni's Nearly Ready  This story contains photos.    

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Anthony C. Zinni said if he were Saddam Hussein right now, he'd be "nervous."


Air Forces "Pumped Up" at Kuwait's Al Jabr Air Base  This story contains photos.    

AL JABR AIR BASE, Kuwait - The United States plans military action if diplomacy fails to end the standoff with Iraq, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen told service members here Feb. 10.


U.S. Sailors, Marines Ready for Action  This story contains photos.    

ABOARD THE USS GEORGE WASHINGTON - Commanders are confident. Troops are ready for action. The world is waiting. Will the United States launch air strikes in response to Saddam Hussein's failure to comply with U.N. resolutions?


Shelton Says U.S. Readiness Acceptable      

WASHINGTON - The U.S. military has an acceptable level of readiness and is ready to execute U.S. national security strategy, the nation's top military man told the Senate Armed Services Committee.


de Leon Sets 7 Critical Priorities for TRICARE      

WASHINGTON - Force protection and access to health care are among seven objectives Defense Undersecretary Rudy de Leon outlined Feb. 9 at the 1998 TRICARE worldwide conference.


www.huh?/Web Sites Tackle GI Health Issues      

WASHINGTON - By now, everyone in the armed forces should be aware that Iraq may harbor chemical and biological weapons or the means to build them. And it may not be the only country with such capabilities.


DoD an Integral Player in President's Race Initiative  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - "When it comes to the subject of race, whites are talking to whites, blacks to blacks and Hispanics to Hispanics. But we aren't talking to each other."


Cohen, Senators, Salute Combat-ready Forces      

ABOARD THE USS GEORGE WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen told U.S. forces assembled in the Persian Gulf their mission is vital, the danger is real, Saddam Hussein must be stopped.


Students Designing Autonomous Mine Hunting Mini-sub      

MONTEREY, Calif. - Anyone who's ever tried to maneuver a surfboard can attest to the difficulty of keeping balance and direction while being pummeled by waves. Research on submersible vehicles at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif., may soon have that problem beat.


Institute Sponsors Powell Essay Contest      

WASHINGTON - Deadline is April 1 to enter the U.S. Naval Institute's 5th annual Colin L. Powell Joint Warfighting Essay Contest.


Strikes Imminent if Diplomacy Fails      

DOHA, Qatar - Military strikes against Iraq are imminent if diplomacy fails and Saddam Hussein continues to deny U.N. weapons inspectors unfettered access.


TRICARE Management Activity Launched      

WASHINGTON - Military health patients won't notice anything different immediately, but in the long run, the new TRICARE Management Activity could improve DoD health care services.


U.S. Promises Italy Full Cooperation      

MUNICH, Germany - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen promised Italian authorities full cooperation in investigating a Feb. 3 accident involving a U.S. plane that killed 20 people at a ski resort in northern Italy.


Two Allies Ratify NATO Expansion      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Canada and Denmark during the first week in February became the first NATO allies to ratify the admission of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland to the security alliance.


Cohen Calls for More Allied Support  This story contains photos.    

MUNICH, Germany - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen called on world allies to help enforce U.N. resolutions against Iraq. Failure to do so, he said, undercuts U.N. credibility.


U.S. Sends More Troops and Firepower to the Gulf      

MUNICH, Germany - The United States is sending another 2,200 Marines and five warships to the Persian Gulf to join what Pentagon officials describe as the "robust" American and British force already assembled there.


Cohen Briefs Gulf States on Military Option      

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia - The United States would still like to see diplomacy end the crisis with Iraq, But the United States is ready and able to strike if military action is necessary.


Over-65 Health Care Demonstration Almost Here      

WASHINGTON - A long-awaited demonstration of DoD's plan to provide health care to military retirees 65 and older is finally going to happen, officials told delegates to the worldwide TRICARE conference here Feb. 9.


A Resolution Worth Keeping: Exercise Regularly      

WASHINGTON - We are well into the new year. Now is the time to start keeping one of your New Year's resolutions. You know, the one about exercising regularly and losing those extra pounds from the holidays.


On Valentine's Day: Don't be Caught Without      

WASHINGTON - When St. Valentine was beheaded for marrying soldiers to their sweethearts, his last thought was probably not "Wow, someday lovers will give each other candy because of me."


Cohen Stands Firm on Iraq      

WASHINGTON - The United States will not agree to a "no-strike" policy against Iraq during the ongoing Winter Olympic Games in Japan.


DoD Tracks Military Deployments      

WASHINGTON - DoD is watching how often military personnel deploy and how the tempo affects quality of life, the department's personnel chief said.


Army Veteran's Heroism Recognized      

WASHINGTON - It's a long way from the jungles of Vietnam to the Pentagon's "Hall of Heroes." And it's been almost 30 years since events led Roy Judkins from one to the other.


Fiscal 1999 Health Budget Contains Subvention Clause      

WASHINGTON - As was the case last year, the president's fiscal 1999 budget for the defense health program includes funding for health care to beneficiaries over age 65.


Cohen Promises "Significant" Strikes Against Iraq, If Needed      

WASHINGTON - Diplomacy is the best solution to the current Iraq impasse, but if it fails Defense Secretary William S. Cohen promised a "significant" air campaign.


NATO School Teaches Communication, Cooperation      

OBERAMMERGAU, Germany - Learning one nation's military acronyms is hard. Imagine being assigned to NATO or SHAPE, where military personnel from 16 allied nations, plus 28 Partnership for Peace countries now work.


20 Dead After Marine Aircraft Severs Cable      

MONS, Belgium - A U.S. Marine Corps EA-6B Prowler aircraft on a low-level training mission in northeast Italy severed a gondola cable at a ski resort Feb. 3, sending 20 passengers to their deaths.


World Changes Affect NATO School      

OBERAMMERGAU, Germany - The NATO School here used to teach NATO policies and procedures only to military students from the 16 allied nations. Today, its student body includes military from Partnership for Peace countries, Russia and other non-NATO nations.


First African-American Astronaut Finally Acknowledged  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Air Force Maj. Robert H. Lawrence, the first African-American astronaut, was honored recently by NASA 30 years after he died in a plane crash.


Test Your Nutritional Knowledge      

WASHINGTON - Eating properly can be puzzling. So many new reports surface each month about food, snacking, nutrition and vitamins, it's hard to keep up with the latest evidence on a healthy diet.


DoD: Encephalitis Vaccine Didn't Threaten Soldiers' Safety      

WASHINGTON - Despite Food and Drug Administration claims to the contrary, defense health officials said the use of a vaccine against tickborne encephalitis given to soldiers in Bosnia in 1996 was safe and effective.


Cohen Stresses Strategy, Closures in '99 Budget      

WASHINGTON - "Shape, respond and prepare" is the mantra Defense Secretary William S. Cohen keeps repeating about the fiscal 1999 DoD budget.


Korean Economic Woes, Threat from North Concern Cohen  This story contains photos.    

CAMP BONIFAS, South Korea - With armed soldiers and the tall fence of the Demilitarized Zone as a backdrop, Secretary of Defense William Cohen braced freezing temperatures Jan. 21 to tell a throng of reporters why the United States needs land mines here.


Cohen Salutes "Warrior Diplomats" During Indy Sendoff  This story contains photos.    

YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan - "You are our warriors, and you are our great diplomats," Defense Secretary William Cohen told the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Independence during a stop here Jan. 21. The ship and its battle group had just been given sailing orders to the Persian Gulf.


Military Paves Way for New Era, President Says      

WASHINGTON - A strong military and diplomacy are flip sides of the same coin, President Clinton said Jan. 29 in a speech amplifying his State of the Union national security remarks.


Cohen Enlists Mayors' Support      

WASHINGTON - BRAC. It's a four-letter word many in his audience may not have wanted to hear again, but Defense Secretary William Cohen used it repeatedly in his Jan. 29 address to the U.S. Conference of Mayors here.


'99 Budget Pegs Pay Raise at 3.1 Percent      

WASHINGTON - Service members will get a 3.1 percent pay raise and the DoD modernization program is on track if Congress approves the president's fiscal 1999 budget request.

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