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DoD Civilians: Partners in America's Defense      

WASHINGTON - DoD civilians perform important work worldwide with active duty and reserve component military members to protect the United States and its interests, and the department plans to highlight those contributions throughout the year.


Workers, Employers Benefit from Injury Comp Revisions      

WASHINGTON - For the first time ever, DoD's workmen's compensation bill dropped.


Clinton Expands Agent Orange Disability Benefits      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton has extended veterans benefits to Vietnam War veterans exposed to Agent Orange and other herbicides. He also asked Congress to legislate benefits to veterans' children afflicted with spina bifida.


When a Worker Is Injured      

WASHINGTON - Workplace injuries cost the federal government $1.8 billion annually. DoD's portion of the bill: $603 million -- and falling.


Women Not to be Considered for Draft      

WASHINGTON - American women don't have to worry about being drafted should the United States enter into a major conflict -- at least for the time being, a Selective Service System spokesman recently said.


Military to Help Olympic Effort      

WASHINGTON - Vice President Al Gore said the federal government must do its part to make the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta successful. He said the support will come from numerous federal agencies, including the U.S. military.


Perry Pushes Preventive Defense      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William J. Perry said the United States should take advantage of this unique time in history and outlined "preventive defense" as the country's first line of defense.


U.S., North Korea Agree on Joint Operations to Find      

WASHINGTON - North Korea has agreed to allow U.S. recovery experts into its territory to hunt for remains of service members killed during the Korea War.


Clinton Says U.S. Must Continue to Lead      

WASHINGTON - President Bill Clinton said America must enter the next century as a nation of opportunity for all and responsibility from all.


Telemedicine Enhances Troop Health Care in Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - A "medical internet" will provide U.S. forces in Central Europe the same level of health care they'd receive back home, officials at the Medical Advanced Technology Management Office said.


DoD Moves Closer to Over-65 Health Care      

WASHINGTON - DoD could begin a test as early as Oct. 1 to provide health care to Medicare-eligible patients over age 65, a senior DoD official said.


Air Force Restricts Passenger Use of Personal Electronics      

WASHINGTON - The Air Force has imposed new constraints on use of personal electronics aboard DoD transport aircraft.


Saving Money, Key to Preserving Commissary Benefit      

FORT LEE, Va. - Force reductions and base closures have shut the doors of nearly 100 commissaries, but the store benefit continue to play a crucial role in maintaining a high quality of life for service members and their families, said the commissary chief.


Commissaries Streamline to Support Service Members      

WASHINGTON - Re-engineering and streamlining efforts at the Defense Commissary Agency are saving service members and taxpayers money, the agency director recently told members of the House National Security Committee.


Civilian Cuts Challenge Work Force Quality      

WASHINGTON - Deep cuts in the number of new hires each year are creating an older DoD civilian work force and could impact force quality down the road, officials said.


DoD Lauds Innovators for Saving Millions      

WASHINGTON - Their ideas ranged from delivering humanitarian supplies to war-ravaged Bosnia to reusing rocket pods. Collectively, the 29 service members and civilian employees saved DoD more than $59 million last year.


Changing Rules to Help Commissaries, Patrons      

FORT LEE, Va. - Picture commissaries where more cashiers can tackle long lines. Imagine store shelves as full at 6 p.m. as they are when the store opens. Envision a "help wanted" sign where store managers needing employees can hire them in days not weeks.


Clinton Announces Anti-personnel Mine Ban,      

WASHINGTON - President Bill Clinton launched an international effort to ban anti-personnel land mines.


Boorda Dies, Called a Sailor's Sailor      

WASHINGTON - Adm. Jeremy M. Boorda, chief of naval operations, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound May 16.


Defense Council Spawns Labor-Management Partnerships      

WASHINGTON, DC - Federal labor unions can't legally strike, but they can -- and do -- challenge managers to improve working conditions.


Armed Forces Sends 30 Wrestlers to Olympic Trials      

WASHINGTON - The U.S. military is sending 30 wrestlers to U.S. Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling trials in Concord, Calif.


Commissary Privileges Full-Time for Mobilized Guard and Reserve      

WASHINGTON - Families of Reserve and National Guard members mobilized for Operation Joint Endeavor have full-time commissary shopping privileges, Defense Commissary Agency officials recently announced.


Shalikashvili Says Modernization Needs Money      

WASHINGTON - The military needs more money for equipment, but not at the expense of personnel, the military's top general said.


Navy, Naval Militia Sign Memo of Understanding      

WASHINGTON - The New York State Naval Militia has signed a memorandum of understanding making it easy to operate with the U.S. Navy.


Air Force Men, Army Women Capture Volleyball Championships  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON, DC - Air Force men and Army women captured championships at the 1996 armed forces volleyball tournament, held May 6-9 at Memphis Naval Air Station, Tenn.


Perry Praises Uniformed, Civilian Workers      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William Perry praised uniformed and civilian workers for their dedication to the nation during DoD's observance of Public Service Recognition Week recently.


Elections Key to Americans Leaving Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - What happens between now and Bosnian elections will dictate how soon American service members can leave, said Gen. George Joulwan during a Pentagon news briefing.


Summer Looks Busy for 1996 Space-Available Travel      

WASHINGTON - Air Force Air Mobility Command officials said they expect an increase in space-available travel this summer. These requests are in addition to the annual summer move season.


Olympics Nightmares Possible for Travelers, Cargo      

WASHINGTON - Department of Defense traffic managers are concerned about the potential for travel and shipping nightmares throughout the southeastern United States because of the Olympics in Atlanta July 21 through Aug. 4.


Bosnia Drawdown to Begin After December 20      

WASHINGTON - Most of NATO's peace implementation force will stay in Bosnia until after Dec. 20, 1996, according to Defense Secretary William J. Perry.


U.S. and Mexico to Increase Cooperation      

WASHINGTON - Mexican officers are now training in counterdrug operations at U.S. bases as part of a U.S.-Mexican effort to increase military-to-military cooperation, senior defense officials said.


Germans Activate Training Element at U.S. Base      

WASHINGTON - Countless American troops who've served in Germany usually remember their first few weeks overseas when they struggled to learn phrases like "Was ist los?" and "Wo ist der bahnhof, bitte?"


Strong Fathers, Strong Families      

WASHINGTON - A soft-spoken Coast Guard chaplain dazzled top administration officials with two short, simple statements.


DarkStar Makes First Flight      

WASHINGTON - DoD's latest unmanned reconnaissance air vehicle did what it's supposed to do during a 20-minute test flight, according to DoD officials.


DoD Supports Counterdrug Operations      

WASHINGTON - In the vast jungle hinterlands of Central and South America, money and might rule the land and drug lords are the richest, most powerful of all.


DoD Emphasizes "Preventive Defense," White Tells Students      

WASHINGTON - Deputy Secretary of Defense John P. White told Syracuse University students "preventive defense" eliminates the threat of war and saves defense dollars.


Voluntary RIF Tops New Civilian Drawdown Options      

WASHINGTON - Defense civilians looking for a way to leave their jobs can now volunteer to replace other civilians facing forced exits.


NATO Partnership Exercise Scheduled      

WASHINGTON - About 70 officers from 24 nations are working side by side May 7 to 16 during Cooperative Zenith, NATO's Partnership for Peace exercise at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla., DoD officials said.


U.S. Marines Kill Four Liberians Attacking U.S. Embassy      

WASHINGTON - U.S. Marines killed four attackers April 30 at the embassy compound in Monrovia, Liberia, a DoD spokesman said.


DoD Strives to Fix Household Goods Shipment System      

WASHINGTON, DC - "The current system is broken. Don't lock us into a broken system," read a recent letter to Congress signed by the uniformed leaders of the four services.


President Nominates Blair, Gordon to DoD Posts      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton nominated Navy Vice Adm. Dennis C. Blair for assignment as director of the Joint Staff in the Pentagon.


Passenger Aircraft to Receive Upgrades      

WASHINGTON - DoD passenger aircraft will receive important safety upgrades, Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition Paul Kaminski announced in the Pentagon recently.


U.S. Ship Named for Army Hero      

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Navy has named the first of a new class of cargo ships in honor of an Army Medal of Honor recipient killed in Somalia.


U.S. to Aid Israeli Defense      

WASHINGTON - The United States has agreed to expand programs aimed at improving Israel's missile defense, according to Defense Secretary William Perry.


Navy Medical Student Honored for Heroism      

WASHINGTON - A Navy medical student received the Navy Marine Corps Medal for his heroism in saving fellow passengers following the crash of an Amtrak commuter train in Laurel, Md.


Perry Calls DACOWITS "An Agent of Change"      

WASHINGTON, DC - "Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past are certain to miss the future." -- John F. Kennedy

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