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U.S. Military Athletes Prepare for World Military Games      

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - About 400 military athletes and officials are preparing to represent the United States Aug. 5 to 18 in 21 sporting events at the 2nd Military World Games in Zagreb, Croatia.


Commander Views Health Care From Readiness Perspective  This story contains photos.    

MARINE CORPS BASE TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif. - As an individual Marine, Maj. Gen. Clifford Stanley has always liked the health care he's received from military medics and he counts those medics among his heroes.


Tobacco Use Still Too High, Health Survey Reveals      

WASHINGTON - A 1998 survey of health behaviors among active duty service members reveals DoD hasn't cut smoking rates as low as it would like.


TRICARE Moves Toward Population-Based Health Care      

SAN DIEGO - Fresh from a preventive medicine residency at the University of California campus here, Navy Dr. (Capt.) Kathleen Fischer guides an effort to screen the 193,000 Southern California beneficiaries enrolled in TRICARE Prime, DoD's managed health plan. Her goal: Target care where it is needed and intervene in patients' health care when necessary.


Press Service Offers Readers Chance to Evaluate, Talk Back      

Washington - Are we providing military service members with information they need? Do our articles and Web sites help them understand why they're doing what they're doing? Are we making a difference?


DoD to Test Online Absentee Voting      

WASHINGTON - ay be the wave of the future for participating in the electoral process, and DoD is leading the way.


Larger Kosovo Force Takes to Field  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - The NATO-led international security force now operating in Kosovo, is destined to be somewhat larger than NATO originally planned.


Naval Aviators Claim the Night  This story contains photos.    

ABOARD THE USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT - When F-14 Tomcat and F-18 Hornet pilots don night vision goggles and catapult from the deck of this 97,000-ton, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, they claim they own the night.


Marines Challenged by Serb Snipers  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Rogue elements targeted U.S. service members during two violent acts in Kosovo, said Task Force Falcon commander Army Brig. Gen. John Craddock June 23.


Anthrax Vaccine Safe, Effective, Health Chief Says      

WASHINGTON - With almost a million shots given, the anthrax immunization is proving to be one of the safest vaccination program on record, said Dr. Sue Bailey, assistant secretary of defense for health affairs.


Chairmans Independence Day Message      

WASHINGTON - In 1776, American patriots declared their independence and fought the greatest power of their time to earn the blessings of liberty that have become the birthright of all Americans. Their legacy is nothing less than our independence, prosperity, and very existence as a free nation.


Where Parents Are Always Welcome      

WASHINGTON - Air Force Staff Sgt. Barbara Smejkal once described herself as "not knowing what to look for in a child care center." Now she's an outspoken member of the parent advisory board at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., and educates other parents about military centers.


Why Parents Choose Military Child Care      

effort to provide quality, affordable child care. For the most current information, visit the web si - Cost and convenience may be why military parents first


Serbs Put Up Tough Fight, U.S. Commanders Say      

AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy - U.S. field commanders say Operation Allied Force was a tough fight for the joint, combined NATO air team that took to the skies against Yugoslavia.


'World War II Through Russian Eyes' Hits San Diego      

WASHINGTON - World War II history buffs can now get a glimpse of what the Russians referred to as "The Great Patriotic War".


Shinseki Takes Oath as New Chief      

WASHINGTON - Gen. Eric K. Shinseki was sworn in Monday morning as the Army's 34th chief of staff.


It's a New World Sarge!      

WASHINGTON - In the old days, the crusty veteran sergeant might growl at the young recruit longing for his hometown sweetie, "If Uncle Sam wanted you to have a wife, he would have issued you one!"


Toddlers Too, Hurry Up and Wait      

effort to provide quality, affordable child care. For the most current information, visit the web si - The need for affordable, quality child care will never


Nurturing Care, Directors' Goals      

effort to provide quality, affordable child care. For the most current information, visit the web si - Sarah Hearn and Linda Tomlins share a common daily


Clinton Salutes U.S., Allied Troops  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - When war ruptured Bosnia, the world waited too long. When the same ethnic cleansing erupted in Kosovo, NATO allies took action, President Clinton told U.S. and NATO ground and air forces in Europe June 22.


300 U.S. Aircraft Heading Home  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - More than 300 U.S. aircraft will soon be on their way to home bases in the United States and Europe, Pentagon officials announced June 21, a day after NATO terminated Operation Allied Force.


U.S., NATO Forces Restore Order      

WASHINGTON - U.S. soldiers and Marines are among the NATO- led forces helping restore order in Kosovo.


Pentagon Plans Respite for Air Crews  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Army air crews deserve a break, particularly those who fly and operate low-density, high demand aircraft, according to the Pentagon's top leaders.


Cohen Salutes Triumph Over Tyranny  This story contains photos.    

ABOARD THE USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT - The horror in Kosovo is "a story that has not yet been fully told," Defense Secretary William S. Cohen told sailors and Marines here June 20. "When it is, people all over the world will understand why it was that America believed it had to take action."


U.S.-Russia Agree on Kosovo Role      

HELSINKI, Finland - It was over just before midnight. International news reporters, standing by for more than 15 hours, finally got the word -- U.S. and Russian defense leaders had defined Russias role in the Kosovo security force.


NATO Ends Air War      

WASHINGTON - NATO officially ended its air war against Yugoslavia June 20, after Serb forces completed their withdrawal from Kosovo.


U.S., Russia Continue Talks; Agreement Close      

HELSINKI, Finland - U.S. and Russian defense officials here agreed to work through the night and into a third day to reach an agreement on Russia's role in Kosovo.


KFOR's First Priority: Countermine Operations  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - As thousands of U.S., British, French, German and Italian troops and vehicles poured into Kosovo in mid- June, the immediate priority was to ensure their route was free of land mines.


Vietnam Unknown Crypt at Arlington to Remain Empty  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Remains of an unknown American serviceman from the Vietnam War will not be placed in the crypt at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery unless it can be proved they will never be identified.


DoD Leaders Stress Acquisition Work Force Flexibility      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen kicked off Acquisition and Logistics Reform Week activities here June 8, saying the department must accelerate efforts to reform the way it procures new equipment and services.


U.S., Russian Leaders Discuss KFOR Role      

HELSINKI, Finland - What role will Russia play in Kosovo? U.S. and Russian defense leaders focused on that question here June 16 in more than seven hours of intense talks.


DoD's E-Commerce Success Story      

WASHINGTON - The lofty hopes of DoD's Electronic Commerce Day last year have fast become reality, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen told the 600 attendees of this year's conference here June 10.


Don't Hoard, You'll be Able to Buy Groceries in 2000      

WASHINGTON - "We'll keep selling groceries, no matter what the year 2000 brings," a Defense Commissary Agency spokesman said.


Cohen to Confer with Russian Defense Chief on Kosovo      

WASHINGTON - Russian troops introduced an element of confusion during NATO's initial KFOR deployment when they moved into the airport in Pristina, Kosovo, but their "unplanned," "unsynchronized" move is not hindering NATO's mission, according to Defense Secretary William S. Cohen


Shelton Shares Priorities, Views at "Enlisted Encounter"      

WASHINGTON - Gen. Henry H. Shelton, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, met June 3 to share his priorities and views with enlisted members from all the services in the metro Washington area.


Today's Refugees Recall America's Past  This story contains photos.    

FORT DIX, N.J. - For those meeting planes and buses bearing Kosovo's ethnic Albanians, welcoming war-weary refugees to the United States was like stepping into America's past.


Telemedicine: It's About Better Care (corrected copy)  This story contains photos.    

SAN DIEGO - The young boy courteously answers his nurses' questions. Yes, he's taking his medicine. No, he's not over- exerting himself when he plays with his friends outside. Yes, he's been sleeping well. No, he hasn't had too much of a problem breathing.


Cohen, Shelton Stress Need for Total Force      

WASHINGTON - Critics decried NATO's air-only strategy against Yugoslavia. You can't wage war from 15,000 feet, you have to send in ground troops, they warned.


Military Team Helps Make Hospitality Happen  This story contains photos.    

Fort Dix, N.J. To s - Most career military people don't even blink an eye when they get orders to do the impossible at a moment's notice. It's just part of the job.


U.S. Offers Kosovar Albanians Safe Haven  This story contains photos.    

Fort Dix, N.J. - More than 4,000 Kosovar Albanian refugees have reached a temporary safe haven here at the invitation of the U.S. government.


Life in "The Village": From Chaos to Calm  This story contains photos.    

Fort Dix, N.J. To s - As the 4,000 Kosovar refugees who arrived here can attest, life goes on regardless of war's death and destruction. Since early May, there have been three births, a wedding and a funeral in the refugee camp here known as The Village.


Cohen, Shelton Say NATO's Patience, Precision Paid Off      

WASHINGTON - NATO achieved its goals with the "most precise application of air power in history," Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said here June 10.


Refugees' Plight Touches American Hearts  This story contains photos.    

Ft. Dix, N.J. To read more, visit the w - The crowd of Kosovar refugees don't look all that differentfrom a typical gaggle of Americans. They'd certainly blend right in with the fansat a Red Sox game.


Lackland Project Signals DoD Housing Shortage End?      

LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE, Texas - They were the perfect houses for the 1950s. But that was then, and this is 1999.


The USO Entertains, Supports Allied Force Service Members  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - It's very likely you've heard of Operation Allied Force, the NATO air campaign against the former Yugoslavia. And you may be familiar with Operation Sustain Hope, the military and international effort to assist hundreds of thousands of Kosovar refugees. But it's not likely you've heard of Operation Allied Entertainment.


Fisher House Founder Dies; Military Loses Stalwart Friend      

WASHINGTON - Zachary Fisher, 88, a philanthropist and long-time champion of the military through his founding of the Intrepid Museum, Fisher House Foundation and the Fisher Armed Services Foundation, died of pneumonia June 4 in his native New York City.


Serb Withdrawal Begins, NATO Suspends Bombing      

WASHINGTON - NATO suspended air attacks against Yugoslavia June 10 after intelligence reports showed the Serbs evacuating Kosovo as agreed.


Serbs Sign; 3,600 U.S. Troops Poised for Kosovo Duty      

WASHINGTON - The Yugoslavians signed an agreement June 9 setting out how all their army, special police and paramilitary personnel will leave Kosovo.


New Programs Aim to Reduce Combat Stress, Prevent Suicide      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton and DoD announced June 7 two new Defense Department initiatives aimed at improving the mental health of service members.


Getting Care They Want, Seniors Flock to Naval Hospital  This story contains photos.    

SAN DIEGO - June Mason feels a little shaky, a little teary, a little relieved as she waits to see her doctor at the Naval Medical Center here.


Empowerment, Cooperation Guide TRICARE Success      

SAN DIEGO - Dr. [Rear Adm.] Alberto Diaz inherited a tight ship -- a well-oiled and working TRICARE program that often serves as a beacon for less mature programs across the nation. And, as any smart captain of a ship under sail in smooth waters, he does everything he can to keep the boat from rocking.


Clinton Orders Improved Mental Health Coverage for Feds      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton announced June 7 he will require all health care providers to improve mental health and substance abuse coverage by 2001 if they want to remain part of the Federal Employees Health Benefits program.


NATO-Yugoslav Talks Break Down, Air Campaign Continues      

WASHINGTON - Talks broke down over the weekend between NATO and Yugoslav military leaders in Kumanovo, Macedonia, and NATO officials vowed to continue and intensify the air campaign against Yugoslavia until an agreement is reached.


States Won't Tax Military Members Serving in Combat Zones      

WASHINGTON - All states and territories will follow the federal government's lead and not tax service members serving in the designated combat zones.


Danger Pay Set for Some Troops in Italy, Greece, Hungary      

WASHINGTON - U.S. service members assigned in certain areas of Italy, Greece and Hungary will receive imminent danger pay and the tax break that accompanies it, Pentagon officials said June 2.


Serbs Fold, U.S. Hopeful for Peace Agreement, but Wary      

WASHINGTON - Yugoslavia has agreed to a Kosovo peace plan, but NATO's air campaign will continue until the alliance can verify Serb forces are pulling out of the province, President Clinton said here June 3.


New Y2K Web Site Details Progress Against Millennium Bug      

WASHINGTON - If you've been wondering how the Y2K computer problem may affect your life and work in the military, but you can't find the answers in the technical jargon dominating most Web sites, then your search is over.


National Guard, Red Cross Seek Donations, Volunteers      

FORT DIX, N.J. - Thanks to the New Jersey National Guard and the American Red Cross, warehouses at this Army Reserve post south of Trenton are filled to the rafters with goods donated to help ethnic Albanian refugees from Kosovo.


Clinton Pledges 7,000 Troops, Cites Duty to Stop Killings      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton announced 7,000 U.S. service members will deploy as part of a NATO-led international security force in Kosovo once a peace accord is reached.


Cohen Says: No Peace, No Pause      

WOODBRIDGE, Va. - NATO will not pause its ever-more intensive air strikes against Serb forces, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said here June 1.


Junior ROTC Cadets Meet DoD Chief      

WOODBRIDGE, Va. - The Viking JROTC Battalion of Woodbridge Senior High School here had a chance to strut its stuff June 1 for a most unusual guest: the Pentagon's top civilian leader.


Conference Targets Major Military Enemy: Biology      

FORT DETRICK, Md. - Few American military physicians have seen one of medicine's -- and the military's -- most treacherous enemies: anthrax. To learn about the deadly biological agent, they rely, instead, on textbooks and reports from foreign countries that have experienced anthrax attacks.


NATO-U.S. Resolve Steadfast in Campaign Against Milosevic      

WASHINGTON - NATO will soon have 1,000 aircraft "coming at Serbia from all angles," Defense Secretary William Cohen said May 28. "I am increasingly confident [Yugoslav President Slobodan] Milosevic is on a descending slope."

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