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Briefing Slide

DoD News Briefing, Monday, 14 February 2011 - 3:15 PM
    • All slides in a single PDF file. (.pdf 3 MB) (110214-A-6570C-001)
    • Army Budget Overview. (.JPG 123 KB) (110214-A-6570C-002)
    • Army FY 2012 Budget Priorities. (.JPG 124 KB) (110214-A-6570C-003)
    • FY12 Budget Request. (.JPG 103 KB) (110214-A-6570C-004)
    • FY12 Base Budget Request. (.JPG 115 KB) (110214-A-6570C-005)
    • Military Personnel Summary. (.JPG 124 KB) (110214-A-6570C-006)
    • Operation and Maintenance Summary. (.JPG 113 KB) (110214-A-6570C-007)
    • Procurement Summary. (.JPG 111 KB) (110214-A-6570C-008)
    • Aircraft Procurement. (.JPG 122 KB) (110214-A-6570C-009)
    • Missile & Ammunition Procurement. (.JPG 120 KB) (110214-A-6570C-010)
    • Weapons & Tracked Combat Vehicles. (.JPG 112 KB) (110214-A-6570C-011)
    • Other Procurement. (.JPG 120 KB) (110214-A-6570C-012)
    • Research, Development, Test & Evaluation. (.JPG 122 KB) (110214-A-6570C-013)
    • Facilities. (.JPG 123 KB) (110214-A-6570C-014)
    • DoD Efficiency Goals. (.JPG 124 KB) (110214-A-6570C-015)
    • Overseas Contingency Operations Request. (.JPG 55 KB) (110214-A-6570C-016)
    • FY12 Army OCO Requst. (.JPG 100 KB) (110214-A-6570C-017)
    • Military Personnel. (.JPG 112 KB) (110214-A-6570C-018)
    • Operation and Maintenance. (.JPG 121 KB) (110214-A-6570C-019)
    • Research, Development & Acquisition. (.JPG 111 KB) (110214-A-6570C-020)
    • Aircraft, Missiles and Ammunition. (.JPG 99 KB) (110214-A-6570C-021)
    • WTCV, OPA and RDTE. (.JPG 105 KB) (110214-A-6570C-022)
    • Army FY12 Base and OCO Requests. (.JPG 117 KB) (110214-A-6570C-023)

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