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Amphibious Ships Replace USS George Washington in Philippines

III Marine Expeditionary Force/Marine Corps Installations Pacific

CAMP AGUINALDO, PHILIPPINES, Nov. 22, 2013 – The Armed Forces of the Philippines and Joint Task Force 505 welcome the amphibious ships USS Ashland and USS Germantown in the concerted efforts to extend relief efforts to families affected by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in Visayas, the Philippines.

The Ashland and Germantown have aboard a combined total of approximately 900 Marines, elements of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, based in Okinawa, Japan.

"Having amphibious ships here, along with the 31st MEU, brings more logistical capability and capacity to augment our on-going relief operations in Visayas," said Armed Forces of the Philippines Vice Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Alan R. Luga.

The USS Ashland and the USS Germantown, both dock landing ships, replaced the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, which had been operating in the area since Nov. 14.

"We are very thankful to the United States armed forces for sending one of their aircraft carriers to the Philippines and immediately supporting our humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations following the devastation of Super Typhoon Yolanda," Luga said.

Luga added that the USS George Washington played an important role in air transport when most Philippine airports are non-operational in critical areas in eastern Visayas. The amphibious ships, he said, have a more robust ship-to-shore movement ability.

The Ashland and the Germantown carry landing craft, both air-cushioned and utility, for moving large amounts of cargo and equipment ashore, and the 31st MEU brings heavy equipment which can be used to move debris.

"In addition to the enhanced capabilities of the Ashland and Germantown, the Japanese navy will be surveying the eastern coast of Samar and identifying additional impacted areas for relief support," said Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John E. Wissler, Joint Task Force-505 commander. The task force is coordinating humanitarian and disaster relief operations in the Philippines.

"These are more suitable assets,” Wissler said, “and combined with the naval vessels from Japan, Australia, and other nations, we continue to be postured to help wherever the Philippine government and the armed forces of the Philippines needs us and we will remain here until our unique capabilities are no longer necessary.”


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Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John E. Wissler

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