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Beirut Barracks Bombing: Remembering the Fallen

Beirut, Lebanon Oct. 23, 1983

Cpl. Terry W Abbott, USMC
Lance Cpl. Clemon S Alexander, USMC
Private 1st Class John R Allman, USMC
Cpl. Moses J Arnold Jr, USMC
Private 1st Class Charles K Bailey, USMC
Lance Cpl. Nicholas Baker, USMC
Lance Cpl. Johansen Banks, USMC
Lance Cpl. Richard E Barrett, USMC
Hospital Corpsman 1 Ronny K Bates, USN
1st Sgt. David L Battle, USMC
Lance Cpl. James R Baynard, USMC
Hospitalman Jesse W Beamon, USN
Gunnery Sgt. Alvin Belmer, USMC
Private 1st Class Stephen Bland, USMC
Sgt. Richard L Blankenship, USMC
Lance Cpl. John W Blocker, USMC
Capt. Joseph J Boccia Jr, USMC
Cpl. Leon Bohannon Jr, USMC
Staff Sgt. John R Bohnet Jr, USMC
Cpl. John J Bonk Jr, USMC
Lance Cpl. Jeffrey L Boulos, USMC
Cpl. David R Bousum, USMC
1st Lt. John N Boyett, USMC
Cpl. Anthony Brown, USMC
Lance Cpl. David W Brown, USMC
Lance Cpl. Bobby S Buchanan Jr, USMC
Cpl. John B Buckmaster, USMC
Private 1st Class William F Burley, USMC
Hospitalman Jimmy R Cain, USN
Cpl. Paul L Callahan, USMC
Sgt. Mecot E Camara, USMC
Private 1st Class Bradley J Campus, USMC
Lance Cpl. Johnnie D Ceasar, USMC
Private 1st Class Marc L Cole, USMC
Spec. 4 Marcus A Coleman, USA
Private 1st Class Juan M Comas, USMC
Sgt. Robert A Conley, USMC
Cpl. Charles D Cook, USMC
Lance Cpl. Curtis J Cooper, USMC
Lance Cpl. Johnny L Copeland, USMC
Cpl. Bert D Corcoran, USMC
Lance Cpl. David L Cosner, USMC
Sgt. Kevin P Coulman, USMC
Lance Cpl. Brett A Croft, USMC
Lance Cpl. Rick R Crudale, USMC
Lance Cpl. Kevin P Custard, USMC
Lance Cpl. Russell E Cyzick, USMC
Maj. Andrew L Davis, USMC
Private 1st Class Sidney James Decker, USMC
Private 1st Class Michael J Devlin, USMC
Lance Cpl. Thomas A Dibenedetto, USMC
Pvt. Nathaniel G Dorsey, USMC
Sgt. Maj. Frederick B Douglass, USMC
Cpl. Timothy J Dunnigan, USMC
Hospitalman Bryan L Earle, USN
Master Sgt. Roy L Edwards, USMC
Hospital Corpsman 3 William D Elliot Jr, USN
Lance Cpl. Jesse Ellison, USMC
Private 1st Class Danny R Estes, USMC
Private 1st Class Sean F Estler, USMC
Hospital Corpsman 3 James E Faulk, USN
Private 1st Class Richard A Fluegel, USMC
Cpl. Steven M Forrester, USMC
Hospital Corpsman 3 William B Foster Jr, USN
Cpl. Michael D Fulcher, USMC
Lance Cpl. Benjamin E Fuller, USMC
Lance Cpl. Michael S Fulton, USMC
Cpl. William Gaines Jr, USMC
Lance Cpl. Sean R Gallagher, USMC
Lance Cpl. David B Gander, USMC
Lance Cpl. George M Gangur, USMC
Staff Sgt. Leland E Gann, USMC
Lance Cpl. Randall J Garcia, USMC
Staff Sgt. Ronald J Garcia, USMC
Lance Cpl. David D Gay, USMC
Staff Sgt. Harold D Ghumm, USMC
Lance Cpl. Warner Gibbs Jr, USMC
Cpl. Timothy R Giblin, USMC
ETC Michael W Gorchinski, USN
Lance Cpl. Richard J Gordon, USMC
Lance Cpl. Harold F Gratton, USMC
Sgt. Robert B Greaser, USMC
Lance Cpl. Davin M Green, USMC
Lance Cpl. Thomas A Hairston, USMC
Sgt. Freddie Haltiwanger Jr, USMC
Lance Cpl. Virgil D Hamilton, USMC
Sgt. Gilbert Hanton, USMC
Lance Cpl. William Hart, USMC
Capt. Michael S Haskell, USMC
Private 1st Class Michael A Hastings, USMC
Capt. Paul A Hein, USMC
Lance Cpl. Douglas E Held, USMC
Private 1st Class Mark A Helms, USMC
Lance Cpl. Ferrandy D Henderson, USMC
Master Sgt. Matilde Hernandez Jr, USMC
Cpl. Stanley G Hester, USMC
Gunnery Sgt. Donald W Hildreth, USMC
Staff Sgt. Richard H Holberton, USMC
Hospital Corpsman 3 Robert S Holland, USN
Lance Cpl. Bruce A Hollingshead, USMC
Private 1st Class Melvin D Holmes, USMC
Cpl. Bruce L Howard, USMC
Lt. John R Hudson, USN
Cpl. Terry L Hudson, USMC
Lance Cpl. Lyndon J Hue, USMC
2nd Lt. Maurice E Hukill, USMC
Lance Cpl. Edward F Iacovino Jr, USMC
Private 1st Class John J Ingalls, USMC
Warrant Offficer 1 Paul G Innocenzi III, USMC
Cpl. James J Jackowski, USMC
Lance Cpl. Jeffrey W James, USMC
Lance Cpl. Nathaniel W Jenkins, USMC
Hospital Corpsman 2 Michael H Johnson, USN
Cpl. Edward A Johnston, USMC
Lance Cpl. Steven Jones, USMC
Private 1st Class Thomas A Julian, USMC
Hospital Corpsman 2 Marion E Kees, USN
Sgt. Thomas C Keown, USMC
Gunnery Sgt. Edward E Kimm, USMC
Lance Cpl. Walter V Kingsley, USMC
Sgt. Daniel S Kluck, USA
Lance Cpl. James C Knipple, USMC
Lance Cpl. Freas H Kreischer III, USMC
Lance Cpl. Keith J Laise, USMC
Lance Cpl. Thomas G Lamb, USMC
Lance Cpl. James J Langon IV, USMC
Sgt. Michael S Lariviere, USMC
Cpl. Steven B Lariviere, USMC
Master Sgt. Richard L Lemnah, USMC
Cpl. David A Lewis, USMC
Sgt. Val S Lewis, USMC
Cpl. Joseph R Livingston, USMC
Lance Cpl. Paul D Lyon Jr, USMC
Maj. John W Macroglou, USMC
Cpl. Samuel Maitland, USMC
Staff Sgt. Charlie R Martin, USMC
Private 1st Class Jack L Martin, USMC
Cpl. David S Massa, USMC
Sgt. Michael R Massman, USMC
Pvt. Joseph J Mattacchione, USMC
Lance Cpl. John Mccall, USMC
Sgt. James E McDonough, USMC
Lance Cpl. Timothy R McMahon, USMC
Lance Cpl. Timothy D McNeely, USMC
Hospital Corpsman 2 George N McVicker II, USN
Private 1st Class Louis Melendez, USMC
Sgt. Menkins, Richard H II, USMC
Cpl. Michael D Mercer, USMC
Lance Cpl. Ronald W Meurer, USMC
Hospital Corpsman 3 Joseph P Milano, USN
Cpl. Joseph P Moore, USMC
Lance Cpl. Richard A Morrow, USMC
Lance Cpl. John F Muffler, USMC
Cpl. Alex Munoz, USMC
Cpl. Harry D Myers, USMC
1st Lt. David J Nairn, USMC
Lance Cpl. Luis A Nava, USMC
Cpl. John A Olson, USMC
Private 1st Class Robert P Olson, USMC
CWO3 Richard C Ortiz, USMC
Private 1st Class Jeffrey B Owen, USMC
Cpl. Joseph A Owens, USMC
Cpl. Connie Ray Page, USMC
Lance Cpl. Ulysses Parker, USMC
Lance Cpl. Mark W Payne, USMC
Gunnery Sgt. John L Pearson, USMC
Private 1st Class Thomas S Perron, USMC
Sgt. John A Phillips Jr, USMC
Chief Hospital Corpsman George W Piercy, USN
1st Lt. Clyde W Plymel, USMC
Sgt. William H Pollard, USMC
Sgt. Rafael I Pomalestorres, USMC
Cpl. Victor M Prevatt, USMC
Private 1st Class James C Price, USMC
Staff Sgt. Patrick K Prindeville, USMC
Private 1st Class Eric A Pulliam, USMC
Hospital Corpsman 3 Diomedes J Quirante, USN
Lance Cpl. David M Randolph, USMC
Gunnery Sgt. Charles R Ray, USMC
Private 1st Class Rui A Relvas, USMC
Private 1st Class Terrence L Rich, USMC
Lance Cpl. Warren Richardson, USMC
Sgt. Juan C Rodriguez, USMC
Lance Cpl. Louis J Rotondo, USMC
Lance Cpl. Guillermo Sanpedro Jr, USMC
Lance Cpl. Michael C Sauls, USMC
1st Lt. Charles J Schnorf, USMC
Private 1st Class Scott L Schultz, USMC
Capt. Peter J Scialabba, USMC
Cpl. Gary R Scott, USMC
Cpl. Ronald L Shallo, USMC
Cpl. Thomas A Shipp, USMC
Lance Cpl. Jerryl D Shropshire, USMC
Lance Cpl. James F Silvia, USMC
Lance Cpl. Stanley J Sliwinski, USMC
Lance Cpl. Kirk H Smith, USMC
Staff Sgt. Thomas G Smith, USMC
Capt. Vincent L Smith, USMC
Lance Cpl. Edward Soares, USMC
1st Lt. William S Sommerhof, USMC
Lance Cpl. Michael C Spaulding, USMC
Lance Cpl. John W Spearing, USMC
Lance Cpl. Stephen E Spencer, USMC
Lance Cpl. Bill J Stelpflug, USMC
Lance Cpl. Horace R Stephens, USMC
Private 1st Class Craig S Stockton, USMC
Lance Cpl. Jeffrey G Stokes, USMC
Lance Cpl. Thomas D Stowe, USMC
Lance Cpl. Eric D Sturghill, USMC
Lance Cpl. Devon L Sundar, USMC
Lt. James F Surch Jr, USN
Cpl. Dennis A Thompson, USMC
Staff Sgt. Thomas P Thorstad, USMC
Private 1st Class Stephen D Tingley, USMC
Lance Cpl. John J Tishmack, USMC
Pvt. Lex D Trahan, USMC
Private 1st Class Donald H Vallone Jr, USMC
Cpl. Eric R Walker, USMC
Cpl. Leonard W Walker, USMC
Cpl. Eric G Washington, USMC
Cpl. Obrian Weekes, USMC
1st Sgt. Tandy W Wells, USMC
Lance Cpl. Steven B Wentworth, USMC
Sgt. Allen D Wesley, USMC
Gunnery Sgt. Lloyd D West, USMC
Staff Sgt. John R Weyl, USMC
Cpl. Burton D Wherland Jr, USMC
Lance Cpl. Dwayne W Wigglesworth, USMC
Lance Cpl. Rodney J Williams, USMC
Gunnery Sgt. Scipio Williams Jr, USMC
Lance Cpl. Johnny A Williamson, USMC
Capt. Walter E Wint Jr, USMC
Capt. William E Winter, USMC
Cpl. John E Wolfe, USMC
1st Lt. Donald E Woollett, USMC
Hospital Corpsman 3 David E Worley, USN
Private 1st Class Craig L Wyche, USMC
Sgt. 1st Class James G Yarber, USA
Sgt. Jeffrey D Young, USMC
1st Lt. William A Zimmerman, USMC