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Feds Feed Families: DOD Delivers - Supporting our Fellow Americans - Food Drive June 1, 2012 - Aug. 31, 2012

Defense Department Launches Campaign

DOD sealThe federalwide Feds Feed Families Food Drive campaign is now under way. Department of Defense employees nationwide will step up to meet this challenge by gathering 1.5 million pounds of food for families in need this summer. In the memo below, Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter expresses his personal support of the campaign and encourages the DOD workforce to donate.

Top Stories

‘Feds Feed Families’ Breaks Donation Record

The Defense Department's 2012 contribution to the “Feds Feed Families” campaign surpassed all expectations, said Paige Hinkle-Bowles, deputy assistant secretary of defense for civilian personnel policy. Story

Mark McCaffrey Featured at FFF Rally

Capital Area Food Bank COO Mark McCaffrey provides keynote remarks during the 2nd Annual DOD Feds Feed Families “Cover the Map” Rally. Story

Yes, You Can! Two DIA Employees Show the Way

With just two weeks left of the food drive, two Defense Intelligence Agency personnel at JBAB have led the way, setting an example and single-handedly contributing more than 700 pounds of food to help the hungry. Story

Download the One Can Day flyer

Defense Intelligence Agency Sponsors 'One Can Day' Aug. 22

DIA HQ is sponsoring a One Can Day on August 22, 2012, and is asking that each DIA employee bring in one can of non-perishable food to contribute to the Feds Feed Families Campaign.

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Food banks across the National Capital Region and around the country are facing severe shortages of non-perishable items, just as summer begins and children are left without school nutrition programs. Over the past three years, we have witnessed the remarkable generosity of our Federal workforce, collecting an astounding 8 million pounds of food and non-perishable items. This year, we will continue to support our neighbors, families and communities across the nation by asking agencies to set their own goals and aim to beat their own best collection totals. We hope you'll join us!


OPM 2012 Kickoff video

OPM 2012 Kickoff video

End of Campaign Message

Thank you all for your support of the 2012 DOD Feds Feed Families campaign. We are pleased to report that we have exceeded our 2012 DoD goal of 1.5 million pounds of food donated to food banks in the National Capital Region and across the nation! As of today, we are reporting over 1.71 million pounds. We will continue to update the grocery bag total on this page for the next couple of weeks as additional reports flow in. These extraordinary results do not happen without the support and dedication of each of you. We are truly grateful for your generosity and commitment to feeding the hungry.

We encourage each of you to continue your service to others by volunteering throughout the year in your community. For more information visit the Capital Area Food Bank. The Corporation for National and Community Service has the United We Serve website that you can search for volunteer opportunities in your area. Together, we can and do make a difference. Thank you.

DOD Takes Action!

Share your success stories (minimum 250 words) and pictures (minimum 1MB) of your agencies Fed Feed Families Campaign by email. Don’t forget to credit the photographer and let us know who is in the photo!

OPM Hall of Fame 2012

Office of Personnel Management recognizes employees who embrace the spirit of the Feds Feed Families campaign by making single contribution totaling 250 pounds or more.

DOD Employees submitted to the Hall of Fame:

CPT Jaleá N. Adeboyeku, DISA, 250 lbs
Ebony Banks, DCAA, 270 lbs
Dan Berry, DFAS, 271 lbs
Deborah Breining, DCPAS, 250 lbs
Raymond Cantu, DCPAS, 320 lbs
Penny Curfman, DFAS, 300 lbs
Angela Curtis, P&R, 250 lbs
Kim Cunningham, DFAS, 250 lbs
James P. Deans, DCAA, 465 lbs
Norma Detorre, DFAS, 256 lbs
Karen Dolan, DFAS, 296 lbs
Nadine Edgerson, OSD/OUSDI, 250 lbs
Loretta Ellis, DFAS, 411 lbs
Isaac Emerson, DFAS, 380 lbs
Karin Gearhardt, DCPAS, 288 lbs
Monica Generous, DCPAS, 250 lbs
Aaron Gillison, DFAS, 701 lbs
Joel Hickey, DCAA, 368 lbs
Paige Hinkle-Bowles, CPP, 250 lbs
Chuck Houghtaling, DCAA, 1000 lbs
Anthony Hullinger, DFAS, 310 lbs
Wayne Ingle, DFAS, 500 lbs
Declan David Jarry, WHS, 556 lbs
Joyce Johnson, DFAS, 580 lbs
Diane D. Kuzma, DISA, 310 lbs
Jo L, DIA, 300 lbs
Cheryl Laurie, DCPAS, 375 lbs
Theresa Long, DON, 265 lbs
Larry Lovelette, DFAS, 263 lbs
Marty Mack, DFAS, 835 lbs
Linda Marvin, DFAS, 263 lbs
Shawn McCracken, DFAS, 266 lbs
Sally McManus, DFAS, 314 lbs
Cynthia Miller, DCPAS, 1196 lbs
Sherlene Morihisa, DFAS, 615 lbs
Susan Mostrom, DCPAS, 350 lbs
Mark Nojiri, DFAS, 335 lbs
Pam Nowicki, DFAS, 280 lbs
Luis Ortiz, DCAA, 254 lbs
Robin Patton, DFAS, 736 lbs
Oscar Quiroz, DCAA, 450 lbs
Helen Rabinovitch, DCPAS, 250 lbs
Valerie Ratliff, CPP, 250 lbs
Beth Rothrock, DFAS, 250 lbs
Somchay Sananikone, DFAS, 445 lbs
Yanira Santiago, DCAA, 475 lbs
Aimee Scanlon, DCPAS, 300 lbs
Aletrice Scott, DCPAS, 400 lbs
Carl Shegog, DCAA, 270 lbs
Donna Seymour, CPP, 250 lbs
Lynn Smith, DCPAS, 400 lbs
Leslie Soucy, DFAS, 250 lbs
Karen Spracher, DCPAS, 250 lbs
Karen St. Peter, DFAS, 293 lbs
Julie Sterling, DFAS, 283 lbs
Melissa Stevens, DFAS, 309 lbs
Pat Tamburrino Jr., P&R, 250 lbs
Ella Thomas, DFAS, 298 lbs
John Turner, DCPAS, 350 lbs
Jimmie Vaughn, DCPAS, 450 lbs
Bernie W, DIA, 410 lbs
Sherri Ward, CPP, 250 lbs
Roberta Wetherbee, DFAS, 280 lbs
Sharon White, DFAS, 369 lbs
Lisa Wieczorkowski, DCAA, 250 lbs
Scott Wortman, DCPAS, 257 lbs

Nominations into the Hall of Fame must be made by their agency's chair or champion. To submit a Hall of Fame member, send information by email with name of person donating 250 pounds of food or more, address, pounds donated, date, and photo (with caption) if possible. NOTE: Submissions will be accepted through August 29, 2012, and Hall of Fame inductees will receive a certificate signed by OPM Director Berry.


Individuals reporting totals to the DOD Feds Feed Families team should fill out the Standard Reporting Template and submit it via email with the name of the Activity and the phrase "attention reporting team" in the subject line. Individuals responsible for filing the reports also should check with your parent activity regarding any internal reporting requirements.

DOD Goal: 1.5 Million Pounds
We Beat Our Best!

2,183,361 lbs.
Sept. 21, 2012

Download the Poster

Download the Feds Feed Families campaign poster

Download the Feds Feed Families campaign poster, flyer and bumper sticker.

Most Wanted List in the National Capital Region

The DOD Feds Feed Families goal is 1.5 million pounds. Help us reach that goal by donating the items on the Most Wanted List.

DOD Logistical Support

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