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DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE: Suicide Prevention and Awareness
Updated July 23, 2014

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

Stand by Them

Take a Stand

Emotional strain can be the most formidable opponent service members face in their efforts to keep America safe. This special report takes a closer look at the struggles they cope with and offers information to help troops when they need the nation's support the most.

Top Stories

Suicide Prevention Takes Courage, Communication, Official Says

The Veterans Affairs Department has named September National Suicide Prevention Month, but the Defense Department continues its year-round, comprehensive, multi-pronged approach to address the issue of suicide in the military, a Pentagon official said Aug. 21.Story

DoD Releases 2013 Fourth-quarter Suicide Information

Defense Department officials today released suicide information from the fourth quarter of 2013. Story

DOD Releases Suicide Event Report, Changes Reporting Methods

Suicide is a serious problem at all levels of the U.S. military. And now the department has a base against which programs intended to prevent it can be measured. In 2012, there were a total of 319 suicides among active duty personnel and 203 among those in the reserve components. Story

Responder Demystifies Calling Military Crisis Line for Help

When someone is in crisis and feeling despondent, reaching out for help is a stronger step to take than doing nothing, which can lead to a worsening state, a Military Crisis Line responder told American Forces Press Service.

The Military Crisis Line, also known as the Veterans Crisis Line at the same phone and text numbers, is a joint effort between the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments. It provides worldwide services for active duty troops, veterans, family members and concerned friends of those in crisis. Story

Officials Testify on Links Between Suicide, PTSD, Sexual Assault

Defense Department officials testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee's personnel subcommittee on the relationship between military sexual assault survivors and the subsequent development of suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder. Story

Military Health Chief Discusses
Suicide Prevention Efforts

The assistant secretary of defense for health affairs is urging the military community to work together to help prevent suicides. Story

Hagel: Suicide Prevention Means Watching Out for Each Other

Watching out for each other is a collective responsibility for the Defense Department’s military and civilian workforce, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in a message marking DoD’s observance of Suicide Prevention Month. Story

Military Suicide Risks Mirror Those in Society

A recent study by military researchers showed that the risk factors associated with suicides in the military are the same as those among civilians. Story

Resilience, Seeking Help to Prevent Suicide is 'Sign of Strength'

A soldier who is at-risk for suicide and seeks help is showing great strength, said the director of the Army Suicide Prevention Program. Story

Official Notes Progress in Suicide Prevention

Making sure people know where to turn for help during a time of crisis is the continuing goal of the Defense Department's suicide prevention program, the Pentagon official in charge of the effort said. Story

Suicide Prevention 365-day Mission, Army Vice Chief of Staff Says

September is suicide awareness month and while the Army will highlight suicide prevention this month, the service's vice chief said the effort is year-round. Story

Suicide Prevention: Resiliency Key to Overcoming Threat to Army Ranks

In 2012, the Army's suicide rate peaked to astronomical levels, as the service reported more than 320 suicides. The increase in the number of reported suicides set off various alarms with the Army's senior leadership, and prompted the service to take a closer look at its suicide prevention program. Story

Air Force Family Helps Each Other Stay Strong Through Illnesses, Struggles

Nine pills in one hand, a glass of pop in the other, she was on the verge of swallowing death. Screams from her husband stopped LaTonya Lewis from committing suicide. Military OneSource and months of therapy helped heal the aftermath. Story

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Military Crisis Line

1-800-273-8255 PRESS 1

"The battle to prevent suicide cannot be waged on a single front. It will only be won if we stand together and take every opportunity - in our homes, at our duty stations, and in conversations with friends and mentors - to support each other and be there for those in our communities who need our help. By fighting as one team, we will help prevent suicide. ."

- Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

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