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‘Don’t Ask’ Repeal Training Set to Begin

By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Feb. 14, 2011 – Training will begin shortly for experts in certain specialties and leaders as part of the plan for finalizing repeal of the law that bars gay men, lesbians and bisexuals from serving openly in the military, the chief of staff for the Defense Department’s repeal implementation team said here today.

Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Steven A. Hummer outlined the process in an interview.

President Barack Obama signed the repeal of the law commonly known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Dec. 22, beginning a process that will culminate in full repeal.

The current policy remains in effect until 60 days after the secretary of defense, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the president certify the military’s readiness to implement the repeal.

Gates has said he wants repeal done expeditiously and effectively, and that it can happen this year.

Clifford L. Stanley, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, issued a memo Feb. 10 to the military secretaries on the implementation plan. “The memo continues the pre-implementation process,” Hummer said. Now, the general added, the team is ensuring all the policies are prepared so that when repeal day actually occurs they will go into effect.

The implementation team also is ensuring that training is in place for all 2.2 million members of the military.

The Defense Department, along with representatives from all five services, developed and synchronized the training..

“The services will each put their colors and their appropriate culture into those [plans],” he said. “The Navy will talk about petty officers, and the Marines will talk about sergeants.”

Training is broken into three tiers. “Tier 1 and Tier 2 training will start in earnest soon,” the general said. Tier 1 training is for people who have unique skill sets, such as chaplains, lawyers, personnel specialists, military investigators and recruiters, he explained. Tier 2 training is for leaders, and Tier 3 training is for the force at large.

“This is leader-led training,” Hummer said. “Our over-arching theme is leadership, professionalism, discipline and respect.”

Leaders at every level will be responsible for training their people, he said. “Professionalism is the expectation across all the services,” Hummer said. “This is a disciplined force, and we expect to see that as the training and repeal go into place. Lastly, respect is what everybody expects to receive and what everybody should give.”

The training will include some PowerPoint presentations with vignettes to encourage discussions, as well as presentations by the service chiefs that will introduce the topic and provide their intents for the forces.

The services will deliver the first of many progress reports to Stanley on March 1.


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Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Steven A. Hummer

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4/5/2011 2:26:57 AM
About time this change happened. While "Doug, CA" suggests a religious basis for his objections to the inclusion of sexaul minorities into the services, such an argument logically fails under the following basis: (1) The US Militiary branches are all VOLUNTEER, (2) the military leadership must follow the LAW and as the article makes clear the US Congress passed the legislation and the President signed it on December 22nd thus the military leadership have no CHOICE in the matter; (3) any objections to this change in policy should be directed to your US Representatives and Senators and finally (4) not everyone shares the same religious objection(s) because not all religious oppose homosexuality, so why presume that all military people adhere to that opposition? I think the the military leadership is doing the best it can under the law and that this change in policy "levels the playing field" under which all able-bodied men and women can now serve.
- M. Johnson Jr, MSIS, MLA, Pullman, WA

3/27/2011 12:17:46 PM
Big mistake to allow Homosexuals to serve openly in the military simply because a small minority of men and women choose to engage in abnormal sexual activities. I wish the Army Brass and leadership would stand up for what is right in the site of the God they say they serve and reject this outrageous and humiliating activity. In the end A few men and women might win the right to molest each other; all in the name of love? Come on you “guys” or will it be come on you “gays” from now on. There are some things that are just plain wrong. I am ashamed of the current leadership in this country and ashamed of the current leadership in the military.
- Doug , CA

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